Saturday, September 30, 2006

She Made IT!!!!

Can you believe it? A record 5 green notes in one week! Kylie did it! I was so proud of her...she FINALLY got to pick a toy from the "treasure chest"....(the treasure chest is a box of leftover Christmas presents from last year that my kids never even knew they got due to the absorbent amount of junk we receive at Christmas. Therefore, we put the gifts up and give them to the kids on "special occasions." That way it is Christmas all year!)
However, when one kid does good, the other seems to falter. I guess they play tug-of-war with the "good" fairy. Weston ended up with a red note for talking on Friday!
We are busy trying to clean our is so cluttered and yucky. I want to get the bathroom painted and things organized before Bunco, so I am up to my ears in dust, boxes of junk, and spackle. Hopefully we can get this building in order before the girls show up!
Well, I am off to shower and take some pictures for a friend of mine and his family. Like I said, it's starting to get busy with the photography business!

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