Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shots from the Bargain Bin

Since I am going to Guatemala in March, there are several vaccines recommended for me to ensure I don't get sick--so I started checking into them. I didn't realize how expensive shots can be! To top it off, insurance doesn't cover my shots, some girls at work recommended I go to the Health Dept to get as many as I could. Ok, what an eye-opener first of all! I couldn't believe the conversations I overheard--people planning ways to NOT work! I guess I am just not dependent enough on anything--especially someone to care for me and my kids. Anyway, I ended up getting 2 shots and a TB screening--all for $5! Woo hoo! Normally, this would've cost $300-400. So, I was grateful to get a break. However, I still have plenty of shots left to get. Evidently, since I am over 18, I am not allowed to get certain ones from the Health Dept--who knew?
Then, today I had to fill out a form for my trip about my insurance--talk about eye-opener as to what I am headed for. There were 2 questions:
1) If you need medical assistance, will your insurance pay for treatment outside of the US?
2) If you die while out of country, will your insurance cover to have your body sent home?
Talk about morbid. Not really things I wanted to think about. But, it's part of the package--this isn't a resort, it's not a vacation. It's reality. But I am excited--knowing I will get to experience servant leadership firsthand--I will get to make a difference to people who are grateful for the most simplistic aspects of life.
Well, the roads are horrible here! I couldn't believe that it took us over 2 hours to get home from work today. Talk about a long commute. Just proof that I would not survive in LA. And tomorrow, it looks like we will all be skiing to work again!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Avoiding Illness

Well, we are desperately trying to avoid illness in our house. The kids each have a cold--Weston's in his sinuses and Kylie's in her chest as usual. So, Kylie and I stayed home from Weston's basketball game to avoid her getting any worse. I have been pumping medicine in them for 2 days now. Let's just cross our fingers that they stay well! It's rather boring around here--everyone's asleep! I should be using this time to study and work on my research paper, but I am just not in the mood, plus I would have to turn some lights on around here and well, that's not really convenient in the BARN. The crew didn't come back on Friday to piece the new home together. Hopefully we'll see some progress next week! I am ready. It's time. I went shopping today--trying to find colors and decorating ideas. There's so much to choose from! I just can't decide what to do!
My class is becoming easier although I must admit, I almost missed Harper at first! It started off demanding, but I am getting used to the pace I guess. As long as I have a little time on the weekend and devote some time to our presentations during the week, it seems to be going alright. However, the research paper guidelines are out, so I really need to get started on that. Things are going to get hectic around here soon, so I need to get ahead. I have to keep reminding myself--only 7 more months of school!!! Hallelujiah!! :)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Last Half

Well, the last half of my new "home" came today. Kyle says I can't officially say that I live in a "building" anymore. So, I went to Lowe's today at lunch and found some paint samples. I can't decide what to do! It's been 3 years since I have decorated my living quarters--I think I have lost my touch! I don't know what's in style and what colors "go together" anymore. But, I think I have decided on colors for the master bedroom-chocolate, teal, and khaki. I love those colors together! Now, to figure out the rest of the house! I think I am going to have the cabinets painted in the kitchen--such a stretch for me. I never thought I would like painted cabinets until I saw it in a house. BEAUTIFUL! So, those are my initial ideas--I can't wait to get started.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Your Thing is Big!

Poor Weston--oh to be a child and innocent! One of Weston's spelling words this week is "YOUR". So, he has to write a sentence for each word showing its use in context. Well, he sat down and wrote the sentence, "Your thing is big." I about died laughing when I read it. But, trying to maintain some sort of innocence in my child, I told him to re-write the sentence because that one wasn't good. So, I went back to eating my peanuts and watching American Idol. A few minutes later, he brings back his new version. It says, "I like your nuts." OH DEAR!! I think I only made the situation worse! Well, at this point, two sentences being rejected alerted Weston that something was going on. He asked why this sentence wouldn't work either. I had to explain the situation to him as nicely as possible. When I was finished, his eyes were big and he just said, "OH." Poor kid.
Today, my manager experienced a Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" moment. She was in the closet where we keep our promotional items moving some boxes. Well, she bent over and the skirt she was wearing split from the bottom all the way to the waistband down the back. You could see her panties! Poor girl, she had to drive home (she lives 30 minutes from work one way) and change clothes. The bad thing was having to explain to our vice-president why she was missing his meeting!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cold Rain

You know, it's such a waste to have all of this rain in January! It could've been snow...instead, it's just a cold, dreary rain. So, I guess it can be a viewed as a great opportunity to get some things done "inside". However, I dread cleaning inside--there's stuff in there I don't want to deal with. But, it's inevitable and no one else is going to do it.
So, my new home is being delivered on Tuesday--kind of weird and surreal. First of all, I never really thought I would get excited about a home that could be "delivered". Ya know? Secondly, it means I must now move out of this building. I can honestly say it'll be hard to move out of here. I was a completely different person when I first moved in than I am today. It's like being locked away for so long and suddenly being pushed out to face the world. Don't get me wrong, I am excited--there's 3 years worth of boxed goodies waiting to be opened. But, I must admit I am scared to. Scared to face what's in those boxes. Scared to face the future.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Starting Again

Well, tomorrow night means school once again--I am dreading it. I am ready to graduate and have some finality to school. I feel like I have been in school my entire life!
Once again our housing situation is up in the air. I know, I am just really commitment-phobic when it comes to houses. There is a finality in it that I just can't swallow. This new housing situation developed in the last 24 hours--it involves no commitment on my part, but gets me 2600 square feet of living quarters--for free. So, I think I am in! More details to come.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Black is Out!!

So, last night I sat down and thought I would try out my new black nail polish I bought about 2 months ago. Seeing Jennifer Nettles and LeAnn Rimes wearing it in recent videos gave me the courage to try it out. It took several coats to get it dark enough and when I had about finished up, Kyle says, "Hey, black nail polish--that's supposed to be in for 2007!" I smugly replied, "Yeah, I know, that's why I am wearing it!!!" Then, I became curious as to how my husband would have a clue about what color of nail polish is in style. So, I asked him where his beauty knowledge came from....he said he had read it in today's local newspaper. Evidently, there was a section about what's out with 2006 and what's in for 2007.
So, a few minutes later, he got up and grabbed the page that he read it in. All of the sudden, he starts laughing. Evidently, his mind wasn't quite as sharp as he thought it was--black nail polish was out with 2006 and "natural" colors were in for 2007!! All of this great knowledge as my nails are drying a deep, deep black!
I couldn't handle it--I didn't want 2006 nails! So, I ran and grabbed the nail polilsh remover and took it off. Well, that blew Kyle's mind even more! He couldn't believe I would actually take it off based on the newspaper.
I couldn't believe he knew what color of nail polish was in for 2007 before me.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Diet Challenge

Ok, the diet challenge is really difficult!!! Everything good for me practically makes me sick to my stomach! :) Tonight was Bunco and Trish fixed weakness! So, I just tried to eat a feasible portion...until I went for my 2nd plate. Where is my willpower? Yesterday, I couldn't move from exercising 2 days in a row--my body for life is turning out to be one that won't last much longer! :)
So, I am working myself into this change of diet and exercise.
I start class again on Thursday night...I found my syllabus when I was cleaning out my car--there are 97 pages to read by Thursday. Holy Cow! I do have a life, ya know? (which consists of eating wheat and exercising to the point of severe pain)
So, I am going to try and break it into manageable reading sections. I just really hope this class isn't that painful. With kids, a job, and school--it's so stressful.
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though-2 more semesters! YIPPEE!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

On the Table

So, I went to my first city council meeting--and boy, was it the one to attend! Everytime there are changes, people are always stressed, tense, and ready to battle their side and that's exactly what we saw tonight. But, for the most part there wasn't much accomplished--everything was tabled! So, hopefully we'll get some direction on the skating rink in the next few weeks.
Everyone was back at work today and we did our "weigh in" for our body fat challenge--I am the fattest skinny person you'll meet! I couldn't believe my body fat--definitely motivation. So, I have been reading up on the Body for Life thing. That's what everyone says works. After I weighed in this morning, I went to Taco Mayo for quesadillas, then for dinner it was guacamole dip, ranch w/veggies, and a Peanut Butter sandwich--I'm doing great huh??? :)
Ok, so I will start tomorrow!!!