Tuesday, May 30, 2006

3 blacks and 7 blondes

Well, Sally had puppies! 10 of them...OH MY GOODNESS! Did Kyle ever have a cow! :)
But they are ADORABLE! Sally wasn't too set on the whole mothering thing at first. We had to coop her up at my parents house since we live in the only garage we have! :) HA...Anyway, she's such a free spirit that she's not into the whole confinement thing. She actually opened the window on the playhouse she's in and jumped out! So, when I got home, I changed clothes and went in there with her armed with a bottle intent on getting these pups to eat and her to do her duty as a Mama. They all nursed and were doing alright when I left. I just pray none of the pups die...because I will die! They are too cute and so sweet. There are 3 black ones and 7 blonde ones...too cute!
Weston's tee ball team is STILL undefeated! Go FBC! They had another game tonight and did a great job!
Well, it is so past the time I should've been asleep, so I am checkin' out....

Monday, May 29, 2006

Back To Life...Back To Reality

Well, we made it home. I am franctically trying to cram my last quiz and chapter test in before the 11:55 pm deadline, but desperately needed a break. The trip home was my typical travels...delayed. We sat in the Cancun airport for 4 1/2 hours delayed due to computer failure in our inbound plane (really soothing knowing we are about to board a huge metal cylinder that is having computer issues).
But, we made it back and as we pulled up to the driveway, Kylie started to cry and said, "But Mom, I want to go back to Mexico!" They had such an awesome time there! The last day we spent out by the pool (I have an awesome REAL tan!), playing putt-putt, and feeding our faces. You would have thought we were eating for the rest of the year the way we put away the food...but you can't resist.
Once we got back, it was the usual--dirty laundry, messy house, tons of homework!
The kids (and Kyle) have already turned in for the evening, but I have to get this school stuff done or risk losing the points.
All in all, I accomplished quite a bit in Mexico. I got half of the story about Kylie written that I would like to submit to Guideposts. However, I need to finish it and then go back and dramatize it. Plus, I read all of my new Karen Kingsbury book as well and even started the Nicholas Sparks one. So, I had a great relaxing time!
Well, back to the school stuff....

Friday, May 26, 2006

Isla Mujeres

Well, I haven't blogged in a couple of days and I would love to say it is because I have been so incredibly busy that I haven't had a chance, however, it's actually due to being lazy and relaxing with a cold drink and the hot sun mixed with a little sand!
Wednesday, Kylie and I went to the pool for awhile and she splashed and played and had a grand time. Then we headed down to the beach when the boys got back from golfing and hung out by the ocean. Well, Kylie got incredibly sunburnt and ended up looking like a miniature lobster. In fact, she is so burnt that she cries in the middle of the night in pain...I know, bad Mom.
Yesterday, I joined the guys again for a round of golf and actually played better. I decided that I was going to figure out how to play decently enough to have fond memories of the course. So, I choked down on the golf clubs (it was either that or choke my husband) and actually hit the ball!
Then, that afternoon we went to downtown Cancun for some shopping. I think the most memorable part was seeing the hurricane damage and realizing the vast impact that hotel row experienced....I was shocked.
Today, it was off to Isla Mujeres minus the kids! Talk about the best day of the trip so far...we had such a great time. We hooked up with a couple from Washington state and hung out on the island. First, we soaked up the sun with a few drinks, then we ventured to the other side of the island for a little shopping. I love the look and ambiance of the villas. It is beautiful with the bright colored buildings and I love how the shops are all open fronts where people sit outside and entice you to come in. We walked by a cemetery and I went inside. Their cemeteries are much different than ours! It was all above ground and on each tomb were little houses almost where they lay their offerings to the dead. The tombs vary in color, etc. There is no rhyme or reason to the lay out--in fact it is cluttered almost. But beautiful.
I can't mention the Isla trip without talking about the ferry ride out there and back. The "tour guides" were absolutely hilarious. It was one big party on the boat...they played all kinds of music and danced for us, dressed in super hero costumes, and sang. You haven't heard Margaritaville until you have heard it sung with a Mexican accent (that and Grease Lightning)! I loved it!
Well, tomorrow is our last full day and I must say I am sad...sad to return to the "real world" of work and school. However, we have had a grand time here.
We plan to take family pictures tomorrow that we can include on our Christmas cards this year.
Oh, and I checked on Sally (our dog) and no puppies have been born yet, however the vet anticipates their arrival any day, so it looks like we will have them before we return home.

Hasta la vista....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ek Balam

Well, today we ventured outside of the Palace....we did a day trip to Ek Balam and Valladolid. We had a great time and ate some great food. The venture started around 8:15 this morning when we boarded the tourist bus and set out on our adventure. Our first stop was a little store on the side of the road similar to the one we stopped at for Tulum when we came last time. There were little puppies roaming around and the kids had a a great time. From there, we went on to Ek Balam-a Mayan ruin and walked around for about an hour. The kids and Kyle climbed half way up the rock structure and the Kyle went the rest of the way and took some pictures from the top (hopefully I will figure out how to upload them to my blog while I am here).
After that we went to eat at a Yucatan restaurant...it was open-air and the food was great. We had some sort of Yucatan dish that was on homemade tortillas and pork in a yummy sauce.
After lunch, we loaded back on to the bus and drove to Valldolid...a Mexican town in Yucatan. Kyle described it as a humbling experience and I think that's the best way to sum it up. It is amazing all of the "things" we think we need to survive when these people would dream to experience our worst day. The people were very nice and I don't know how many told Kylie she was beautiful or called her princess!
The day was great even though the weather was a little blah. But, I think that was a blessing in disguise because we weren't hot and sunburnt when it was all said and done.
Our tour guides were very amusing-Daniel and Jorge kept us laughing the whole time. Kyle thought the "chicken pizza" joke was the best though! :)
Well, there are more memories to come...til then......

Monday, May 22, 2006

Round and Round of Golf

Well, we are in our first full day here in Mexico and having such a great time. We got up super early to play golf and of course I stunk! Kyle really loved the course. He couldn't believe how nice it was and considering he hasn't played in 2 years, he did quite well.
Then, it was off to the pool for a little sun. The kids swam and swam and I am working on that golden tan. I want proof I was here! :)
The kids are running down quickly since it is warm and they are staying busy.
Well, time for a siesta before the evening festivities begin.
Tomorrow we are going to do a tour and visit and little villa...should be fun!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

What Happens In Mexico....

Well, we made it to Mexico! Can you say heaven? I am so ready to be here and have a week of NOTHING to do! Plus, as you can tell, I have Wi-Fi, which means I can still work on my school work and not get behind!
It is as beautiful here this time as it was November 2004 when we last came. It also feels like I was just here....time really does fly! Kylie has been begging to swim, so I think we are going to head down to the pool in a bit to let the kiddos test out the waters. Kyle has also found his heaven...the all-inclusive, all-you-can-eat buffet!
Well, enough blogging, there is a beach to see!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Strategy for Strategic Analysis

I am dying in my course right now! We have 2 quizzes, 2 tests, and 2 reflection papers due each week. The professor has them setup where they are due by Sunday of each week--no exceptions. Except that it's summertime (nearly) and many folks are on vacation at some point or another. Like me-who in 3 days heads to sunny Cancun for relaxing! However, it seems like some sort of obstacle course to get there. First, before I can go, I must complete 4 chapters of quizzes, tests, and papers(see, I can't do next week's while I am there, so I have to do it this week). Secondly, Weston, Kylie and I have all been sick the last few days...really sick. Like throw-up sick. Gross, I know. And for some reason the virus (or whatever it is) just lingers and lingers.
SOOOOO....as you can tell, if I make it to next week, it will be a miracle. I am walking the rope 50 feet in the air above the pool of crocodiles hungrily waiting for me to slip and fall. They want lunch, I want a beach and a margarita.
May the best one win.

Friday, May 12, 2006


Ok, I am so sleepy that I probably won't even remember posting this. So, you might find out something juicy in this one! HA! Alright, so it's been almost a week since my last post...why? Well, considering the last one was called To-Do List, you can surmise that I have been busy. I FINALLY got Jordan's slideshow done-and not to my standards, but it's done. I have yet to even open my book for class and everything for this week is due Sunday. Our race car is here for the golf tournament and Family Day. I worked out at the golf course today in the booth and it was such a perfect day to be out! I even got a little sunburnt! I need all the help I can get before going to Cancun...BTW, countdown on that is 1 week from tomorrow. Let me just say I NEED the vacation...it has been such a blankety-blank week for more reasons that you even want. But, hey, it's the weekend....so hopefully I will get to relax a little...Ok, who am I kidding, I haven't relaxed since I was born.
Well, I better get some rest before I collapse.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday To-Do List

Well, it's the weekend! And I have more to do this weekend than can be accomplished in 1 week. My brother's graduation party is next weekend, so I need to get his slideshow complete. Plus, I had someone order one as well as tonight is Bunco. Kyle is also working 1/2 day today, so my free time is limited. It'll get done though.
Weston's camping party had to be postponed due to the weather-poor guy! But, all of the family met at Logan's and ate for his birthday. He really enjoyed that and got to open presents. Jim is out of the hospital now...from what I can tell, they can't reallly do much for him because of an aneurysm now. I think they are going to get a second opinion though.
Well, my next class starts Monday evening and it looks incredibly tough! But, I hope since part of it is online that I will have spare time to work on the extra assignments. The class is called Strategic Analysis and we are competing against other teams in the class on a business model.
Well, Kylie is throwing a tantrum, so I guess I will close this out for now.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Heart Won't Lie

Well, I just got word that my step-dad is in the hopsital from a possible heart attack. Not sure what all happened, but evidently they kept him overnight and gave him the nitro stuff.
Problem is, they aren't speaking to me....so, my knowledge of this comes secondhand. So, what caused the Hatfield and McCoy split? I'll give you two guesses...they are short, 4 legged and have been nothing but a nuisance to me...you guessed it, the mini horses (or giant dogs whichever you want to view it as). We now have two gates to keep them in--1 gate is rather nice. It has an electric opener, etc. The other gate is a fence that needs to be replaced with a gate, but I'm too stubborn to tank the ADDITIONAL funds to buy one. My philosophy is this-a fence is designed to keep things in....not out. As well as the fact that I am just continually installing more and more gates to get to the end of the road. I feel like that owl licking the Tootsie Pop...How many gates does it take to get to the end of the road...1, 2...CRUNCH! That's what happened! I bit and they got mad.
But, their side of the story is that they were gracious enough to let us live near them, so we need to deal with the dilemmas that come with it. It's a debt that can never be repaid because there is no amount good enough! Funny how family members keep up generational curses. To me, a gift has no strings, receipts, tags, spreadsheets, or guilt attached! Which leaves me feeling more like feuding neighbors than family. As well as scrambling to find school funds. But anyone that knows me is aware that I will not let a challenge stand in my way. School will be paid for, we will live there or somewhere else and life will go on. I am not worried in the least bit--just put out that I lost to over a dozen mini-horses.