Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Strategy for Strategic Analysis

I am dying in my course right now! We have 2 quizzes, 2 tests, and 2 reflection papers due each week. The professor has them setup where they are due by Sunday of each week--no exceptions. Except that it's summertime (nearly) and many folks are on vacation at some point or another. Like me-who in 3 days heads to sunny Cancun for relaxing! However, it seems like some sort of obstacle course to get there. First, before I can go, I must complete 4 chapters of quizzes, tests, and papers(see, I can't do next week's while I am there, so I have to do it this week). Secondly, Weston, Kylie and I have all been sick the last few days...really sick. Like throw-up sick. Gross, I know. And for some reason the virus (or whatever it is) just lingers and lingers. you can tell, if I make it to next week, it will be a miracle. I am walking the rope 50 feet in the air above the pool of crocodiles hungrily waiting for me to slip and fall. They want lunch, I want a beach and a margarita.
May the best one win.


thirty-something said...

I hope you all feel better now. I'm sure you'll be able to tackle your course!
I erased my blogs...didn't do it on purpose. I was messing around on it and obviously did the wrong thing. I'll start another soon.
Have fun in Cancun.
Tell your mom we survived the storm all the way to Roland!

Faithful said...

I was wondering where it went!
Talk with you later!