Monday, May 29, 2006

Back To Life...Back To Reality

Well, we made it home. I am franctically trying to cram my last quiz and chapter test in before the 11:55 pm deadline, but desperately needed a break. The trip home was my typical travels...delayed. We sat in the Cancun airport for 4 1/2 hours delayed due to computer failure in our inbound plane (really soothing knowing we are about to board a huge metal cylinder that is having computer issues).
But, we made it back and as we pulled up to the driveway, Kylie started to cry and said, "But Mom, I want to go back to Mexico!" They had such an awesome time there! The last day we spent out by the pool (I have an awesome REAL tan!), playing putt-putt, and feeding our faces. You would have thought we were eating for the rest of the year the way we put away the food...but you can't resist.
Once we got back, it was the usual--dirty laundry, messy house, tons of homework!
The kids (and Kyle) have already turned in for the evening, but I have to get this school stuff done or risk losing the points.
All in all, I accomplished quite a bit in Mexico. I got half of the story about Kylie written that I would like to submit to Guideposts. However, I need to finish it and then go back and dramatize it. Plus, I read all of my new Karen Kingsbury book as well and even started the Nicholas Sparks one. So, I had a great relaxing time!
Well, back to the school stuff....

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