Thursday, July 31, 2008

Work, Work, Work--All Day Long!

I am officially back to work! We had a district meeting today and I have to admit that the sitting all day in the conference didn't fair well with the back. I am gonna admit it--I am going back too early. Ok, not too early, I have been off 8 weeks. However, if I had had some sort of treatment a lot sooner, I would be ready at this point. It's frustrating. I am really going to be sore and hurting for awhile I'm afraid. I just hope that next week's injections seal the deal! Cross your fingers!
Well, it's time to get Sleeping Beauty up from her nap and take her to her cheerleading swim party--wish me luck. She tends to be a hornet when you wake her!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cut Up....

I got a haircut today--ok, I chopped my hair off! I go through these phases, you know cute cut, hate it 3 months later, then grow, grow, grow it out only to chop it off again. I went almost a year this time. I cut it last August about this short and haven't touched it since except for the few trims here and there. I was worried what Richie would think. It's short, but then again he likes it short. He's not into that down-to-your-butt hair stuff, so I had hope that he would be OK with it. I wasn't prepared for his reaction--he loved it! WHEW! It's cute today, but the true test is tomorrow when I have to fix it. Speaking of tomorrow, I finally return to work tomorrow after 2 months. I am nervous that I won't remember what to do. I mean my job entails talking and driving all day and I haven't had anyone to talk to in 2 months because I haven't left the house!
My friend Erika is in town from Florida for a month. She's helping her Mom with her new restaurant as she gets it opened and organized. Usually I don't get to see Erika when she comes in to town because she's only here for a few days, but this time she's staying longer and since it's not a holiday, she's not occupied with all the stuff to be done during holiday breaks. I told her that Kylie is my little Erika because of her fashion sense and love for dancing and having fun. They hit it off immediately when they met. The other day, Kylie saw some shoes that Erika had on and she said, "Where'd you get those shoes?!" Now, that statement isn't unusual except it's a 6 year old girl saying it--she's not supposed to have that much of a fashion sense yet! So, we are at the store the other day and Kylie stops dead in her tracks and yells, "MOM! Erika shoes!" She had found the little girl version of Erika's shoes and HAD TO HAVE THEM! Too funny! I am so in trouble.....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dr. Seuss Cake

Here's the other cake I made this weekend--my hands were cramping from all the stars on this thing!!
But for only my second cake, it came out very well I think--I had a hard time finding a pan, but ended up using the "Topsy Turvy" Wilton pan for the "lop-sided cake". I am starting to get the hang of this thing. My Mom wants me to make a cake for my brother's party--it's a medieval castle. Bad part is that she wants buttercream icing, not fondant like the picture shows, so I am afraid of how it might turn out. But that's the fun part--the challenge of mastering the cake. However, I may age quickly from the stress of it all! My next cake class starts next Monday night, so maybe the practice from class will help me get more comfortable.
Also, I finally got the 4th of July pictures from the baseball game added to the post. It's under the "Franklin Not in the Cards" post!

It's My Party...I'll Cry if I Want to!

Kylie's slumber party went great! We had 6 girls show up and boy were they a hoot! They had a fashion show, watched movies at the "theater" and ate cake. I had a one group of girls go down fairly early and the other group didn't give up until 1:15 a.m.! Well, then the first group got back up at 6:30 a.m.! Needless to say I was exhausted and then I had to finish the cake for the baby shower that afternoon.
But back to the party--we only had one major meltdown and that was Kylie. I think she had a little too much princess in her. She started getting a little bossy and the girls started to break off and talk about other girls, so I put a stop to that REAL QUICK! Kylie wasn't happy about me getting up in her grill, but she was getting tired and cranky and I didn't want to have a bunch of girls melt down on me. The other girls behaved very well and overall I think everyone had a great time! Oh yeah, and her cake turned out great!!
Kylie had a lot of fun, but I think we'll put off another slumber party until she's 16! Ha!! :)
I was so worn out Saturday that I crashed that evening. My legs and body are sore-- this weekend was definitely strength training for returning to work!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kick-Butt Cakes!

I am trying to make Kylie's birthday cake today and it is flat kicking my rear! I can't seem to do anything right these days and it is spreading into my cakes. She has picked out this lovely castle cake--but I am afraid when I get done with it, it's going to look like a shack in the ghetto. Nothing has worked--the icing was too runny, one of the cake layers crumbled. ARGH! I feel like the chick in the Bible who had everything she touched turn to salt. Ever since I hurt my back, I have found every other part of my body going to pot. Maybe it's the lack of use or the meds, but I am completely defunct. I am also making a cake for a relative's shower, but it may send me over the edge. Kylie is having her first slumber party for her birthday tomorrow night--I hope all goes well. I am not sure how many girls are showing up, but we've invited 8 (Kylie makes 9).....
Hopefully I can return to work next week, at least that's my plan. I am nervous though--afraid my back will crumble like that cake layer under the daily pressure of lifting, riding, bending. I love my job so much though--it kills me that I have something I like and my body won't cooperate. Oh well, I will go slow at it. Things around the house may be put on the back burner at that point. I think my family has gotten used to me being home and staying on top of the house, food, laundry, and even managing to clean out a few rooms, but that'll change when I go back. I can't do the job of 2 people and risk my back.
Well, back to baking--or beating--the cake!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weston Plays Football

I am so proud of Weston! He has wanted to play football for the past couple of years and has been looking forward to 3rd grade when he was old enough to play. But as the date got closer, he was getting more and more nervous! So, last night when football camp started, I was worried as to how he would feel about it. And he did great! He's so scared of the new, unknown. But once he's past that bump, he's great! I know football may not be his best sport and that's OK--he's so good at basketball and baseball, so I know he's got other things to look forward to, but I really wanted him to give it a shot knowing he's been looking forward to the opportunity. The poor guy practiced so hard for two hours last night--he was hot, tired, and sweaty! And he crashed after dinner--he was worn out. But I think this will be good for him--it will definitely keep him active and it gives him something else to learn.
I watched The Tenth Circle movie last night. I haven't read the book, but I wasn't impressed with the movie. I think the book is probably good, but the movie just lacked a little something. Not sure what.
However, there was a great quote at the end of the movie that really sums up parenting.... "One wrong move and everything can shatter. That's what it feels like to watch your child grow up. You have to let go not knowing if she'll go to pieces or land softly. All you can is keep watch. All you can do is try your best to break her fall." How true. Many parents want to take credit for all they did to get their kids to turn out the way they are. But I think the letting go aspect of parenting is the most important. That's when the lessons are used. That's when the true test begins. And that's when the parents learn something--that their child is her own person.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, I finally got an injection in my back--boy, was that an experience. The doctor stuck a needle in my back in several places with the help of an x-ray. He then moved it around until it hurt. And boy, did it hurt! Once he found the sore spot, he injected some medicine. I can tell a difference, but man am I sore! It feels like someone kicked me in the back and I have a huge bruise. It hurts to sit a certain way or stand for very long. However, I can bend over, but just not side to side. I go back for Round 2 after the first of August.
The pain doctor was very good--he really explained the situation. And it makes sense--the sad part is that it is exactly what I read about while I was in the hospital but could never get a doctor to listen to me. Anyway, that old cheerleading injury from the 9th grade....well, it's back to haunt me. Basically, the doctor told me I am getting old--told ya 30 was gonna hurt!
Weston and Kylie are going to Bible School at my cousin's church and they are having a ball! They are learning life skills--cooking, first aid, nature, etc.
Well, that's about all I know right now--just sore and tired!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Franklin not in the Cards

Well, meeting Ryan Franklin just wasn't in the cards for us over the holiday weekend. Weston was pretty upset, but I think he enjoyed the game overall. Our seasts were 5 rows from the VERY top! Talk about a view of the whole stadium! Richie really enjoyed the game--of course, the Cubs won! We also got to see Pujols hit his 300th home run!! The whole holiday weekend was nice though. We took the kids to a local parade and carnival before heading off to the game on the 4th. I was so proud of Weston--he rode the Ferris Wheel! That is a huge accomplishment for him! Kylie though was the brave one--she rode a ride called the Viper and got on the Simulator ride at my parents' skating rink! The Simulator did multiple loops (yes, upside down kind of loops), yet Kylie smiled the whole time! I was amazed--I knew she was brave, but she took the meaning of brave to a whole new level for a 5 year old girl! I will try and get some pictures up very soon...
Our first set of accomodations had a little humorous twist to them. We arrived at the RV Park where my parents were staying and my Dad had booked a quaint little cabin for us. The cabin was nice--modest, but nice. It had a bedroom (ok, don't let your imagination go too far, the word bedroom in this case is used to represent a 6.5' X 6' room), living room (keep the information I just gave you in mind), a dining room, and a bathroom. However, upon first inspection--at 11:30 pm--we found no mirror in the whole place. And no bathroom sink. Weird. All that other stuff (small, but at least it covered the basics), but no mirror? So, the next morning, Richie set out to the office of the RV park to ask about the situation and possibly purchase a handheld if necessary. Well, he comes back empty-handed. So, I ask, where's the mirror? With no change in expression on his face, he walks over to the bedroom door and closes it. And there, tucked nice and neat behind the door was a small nook that held the bathroom sink and mirror! It was funny! How did we miss that?
Overall, we had a great time. It was nice to get out of the house that I have been stuck in for 6 weeks. I was ready to see the light of day!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cardinal Bound

Well, just a couple more hours and we are heading north to St. Louis! We are going to the Cardinals game tomorrow night and then heading up to see my parents' skating rink! There is a good possibility the kids will get to meet Ryan Franklin (the closer for the Cardinals) if things go well. Weston is very excited to get to meet a real MLB! And Mom is excited too! It's always fun to meet someone of "celebrity" status! Hopefully I will have pictures to post when I get back!
Nothing else exciting going on around the house--just packing, cleaning and trying to make sure I don't forget anything.
Here is a picture from Florida of the kids when they went with their Dad and Angela a couple of weeks ago also. The kids had such a great time in Florida. In fact, Kylie said she wants me to go with them next year....we'll see how that works out! :)
I would like to take them to Orlando next year though to Disney World. I have always wanted to take them when they're 7 and 9. I think it will be great ages--the magic is still alive, yet they are big enough to ride some of the rides too.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Gettin' the hang of it!

Weston has made a huge recovery in the retainer area--he is doing awesome! We had about 2 1/2 days of pouting, slobbering, and anything possible to resist wearing it. But he had a change of heart finally (or he realized Mom wasn't giving in) and he has decided he can do it. The retainer is for 1 tooth--he has a cross-bite and that tooth has actually moved in front of the other tooth already! It's been just at one week and he has kept it in costantly except when eating. I am so proud of him!
He's even taken it a step further and been a wonderful kid by doing the dishes and other "work" that he asks for around the house.
Well, I went back to the neurologist yesterday. I have to go for some injections in my back and I sure hope they help alleviate the pain. I was told I couldn't go back to work until August. I will probably go stir-crazy by then! But I still hurt and I ended up pulling a muscle in my shoulder/neck. It's not directly related to my back, but I am so weak right since I haven't exercised in a month.
We leave for St. Louis on Thursday for the baseball game and then we are heading north to see my parents' skating rink. The kids haven't seen it yet, so I know they will be excited to see it and get to skate.
That's about all for this evening!