Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, I finally got an injection in my back--boy, was that an experience. The doctor stuck a needle in my back in several places with the help of an x-ray. He then moved it around until it hurt. And boy, did it hurt! Once he found the sore spot, he injected some medicine. I can tell a difference, but man am I sore! It feels like someone kicked me in the back and I have a huge bruise. It hurts to sit a certain way or stand for very long. However, I can bend over, but just not side to side. I go back for Round 2 after the first of August.
The pain doctor was very good--he really explained the situation. And it makes sense--the sad part is that it is exactly what I read about while I was in the hospital but could never get a doctor to listen to me. Anyway, that old cheerleading injury from the 9th grade....well, it's back to haunt me. Basically, the doctor told me I am getting old--told ya 30 was gonna hurt!
Weston and Kylie are going to Bible School at my cousin's church and they are having a ball! They are learning life skills--cooking, first aid, nature, etc.
Well, that's about all I know right now--just sore and tired!

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