Friday, November 11, 2011

My Little Man

I haven't done a post just on Landen and how much he's growing in such a long time.  He cracks me up all the time.  He is talking SO good--3 and 4 syllable words, big long sentences, and his conceptual understanding is phenomenal.  Smart little guy  (just like Momma! LOL!)
Today, when he was at preschool he had a funny conversation with one of his teachers that went something like this....

Landen: "You got glasses on your face?"
Teacher:  "Yes, I've got glasses.  And so does _____ (insert random kid's name here) and ______ (insert another random kid's name here).  Do you have glasses, Landen?"
Landen: "No, I've got eyes on my face."

Funny little man!

A few weeks ago, his buddy Addi came over to play and I got a couple of cute pics of the two of them.  

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Weston's 2nd XC Event

Weston ran in his 2nd cross country event (yes, a few weeks ago, I'm THAT behind again) and did SO good! I was really impressed with how well he is running and how much he enjoys it.  He finished 11th overall for the 6th grade class out of like 30 or so runners.  I can't wait until 7th grade when he can be "officially" on the XC team! Right now, he and a few hand-picked 6th graders are allowed to run with the older kids, but they have to keep this on the "down low" because the coach doesn't want the other kids to know they have been invited and the others haven't. It's funny because they have a code name "our house" for the times they talk about XC! But these kids are a great group of guys who really enjoy running and their Coach sees that in them! I am so happy he's looking out for them and their running futures!

Trees for the Kids

On Landen's birthday weekend, my Dad and Grandpa came to the house and planted 3 apple trees in our yard.  He wanted to do something special for the kid's birthdays and felt like planting trees would be something that would "last".  I thought it was a great idea and I was so excited that he and my grandpa wanted to do this for the kids.  It was a really special day because my Grandma died almost a year ago and it means a lot to have my Grandpa here when the trees were planted.  He's not doing very well and hasn't been for some time, so it was nice to have this time with him and make a memory as a family.
 Here's some pictures of our tree planting and the kiddos!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Mud Run (from September)

Laura and I did a Mud Run back in September and with life so crazy lately, I am just now putting up pics from it!
We had such a blast--it's like a 5k race/cross country race, but with 16 obstacles along the way.  We got a little crazy and dressed up in tutu's and tank tops to show our spirit!
I did pretty good during the race.  It only took me an extra 3 minutes to complete the course!
Here's some pics from the race!!

Me, Dr. Sanders, and Laura

Mud Slide!!

Beginning of the race--our kiddos were kind enough to take a few pics 
Tu-Tu Girls (notice our shoes taped? That was for the mud pit!!)