Monday, August 29, 2011

Kylie's Cheer Award!

Kylie is doing Pittbull Cheerleading this year.  She loves to dance and after a couple of years of competitive cheer and then a 18 month break from it, she was ready to get back into the cheer scene.  So, at their practices, they have an award they give to one girl from each color's squad for their teamwork.  Well, they only had one of the awards at their first practice, so they decided to pick one girl from all 3 squads and KYLIE got the award.  She said they gave it to her for helping some of the other girls with the dance routine.  I was just so proud of her!!

Kylie's 9th Birthday!

Kylie opted for the "no big party, but nice gift" birthday this year and so we took her out to eat to Fuji's and Goody's with her friend Aaron.  We had a great dinner and after-dinner yogurt! Then, a few nights later, we had the "family" birthday where my parents/grandparents came over for pizza and ice cream.  Nothing fancy.  Her present was a new chair for her desk in her room.  It's a really nice and cute zebra chair that matches her new room decor! It's hard to believe that she's already 9 years old.  Time is passing much too fast....She had a great birthday and got lots of birthday money! She even got her very own hair straightener and blow dryer which she loves! Please pray my house doesn't burn down..... Happy Birthday Kylie-Bug!

Sleepy Head

Ever since we let Landen "cry it out" several months ago, he does AMAZING at nap and bedtime at home! It was so hard to do those few nights, but well worth it! Now he sleeps "like a baby"! And yes, that is a pacifier in his mouth--he only gets it at nap and bedtime (in fact, it isn't allowed to leave the bed), but I really need to break him of it....UGH.

My Lil Bro Turns 24!

My baby brother celebrated his 24th birthday a couple of weeks ago.  His girlfriend threw him a surprise party--Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme!  He loved the Ninja Turtles as a little boy, so she really went all out for the party.  We were also able to keep the party as surprise and used Kylie's birthday as the cover for getting him to my parents house.  It was so funny because that day was his actual birthday (13th of August) and he was SO mad that I would schedule Kylie's party for that day when her birthday is the 16th.  He never said anything to me, but had made comments to my Mom about it--he was pouting all week! I LOVED IT! I gave him so much teasing for that once he showed up for the party! Here a few pics from the night!
Jordan's cake that Joy made--she did an AWESOME job!!

Jordan in his TMNT "outfit"!

The cake and cupcake table! Joy's sister even hand-painted the balloons!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Swim Fun!

I am once again weeks behind on all of my posts! I have been finishing up my projects for a class I took this summer and with that, work, kids, kids starting school, etc, I am so behind...on everything!
So, here's some fun we had....3 weeks ago!
Diane and Eric brought sweet baby Jordyn and Brayden over for some cookout fun and swim time.  I found the cutest little "beach" pool at Wal-Mart and it was the perfect size for Landen and Jordyn.
We had a great time with them! We also learned in the process that our BBQ grill was finally toast.  It has been slowly showing signs of wearing out, but that night I knew it was time to get a new one!
Here are some pics from the evening!
Jordyn loved the 4-wheeler

Landen in the pool...well, standing BY it which he did the first half of the evening!

Landen running under the palm tree! He loved this once he got in!

Jordyn and her 4-wheeler.  She would cry if Diane took her off of it!

Jordyn in the pool...such a cutie!

Jordyn, Brayden, and Eric

Did I mention Jordyn LOVED the 4-wheeler? :)

Cutest pic of her!! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summertime at the Lake!

Saturday we spent the day at the lake with Laura, Craig, and JT and had such a great time! I just love going and could spend every weekend out there if the hubby would let me! I love the time away from home because you are "forced" to relax--just float and have fun! Here are some pics from the day!
Craig on the tube!

Weston on the tube...while it wasn't moving behind the boat! LOL! He's not big on the whole tubing/boat steps, I keep telling myself.

However, he was all about the front flips! 


I MADE IT UP ON ONE SKI!! At least long enough for a pic! :)

The boys!!

Richie on the tube...I LOVE driving while he tubes! HEHE!

And this my friends, is what the lake is ALL about...just chillin'!!

JT on the tube!! He caught some SERIOUS air on this ride!!

Me and Laura, uh, what the heck Craig?? It was a good pic!! LOL!


Me and Richie

Me on the kneeboard--love when my camera girl comes so I can get some pics!! :) Thanks Laura!

Richie tubing--and me trying to throw him off!