Monday, August 29, 2011

My Lil Bro Turns 24!

My baby brother celebrated his 24th birthday a couple of weeks ago.  His girlfriend threw him a surprise party--Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme!  He loved the Ninja Turtles as a little boy, so she really went all out for the party.  We were also able to keep the party as surprise and used Kylie's birthday as the cover for getting him to my parents house.  It was so funny because that day was his actual birthday (13th of August) and he was SO mad that I would schedule Kylie's party for that day when her birthday is the 16th.  He never said anything to me, but had made comments to my Mom about it--he was pouting all week! I LOVED IT! I gave him so much teasing for that once he showed up for the party! Here a few pics from the night!
Jordan's cake that Joy made--she did an AWESOME job!!

Jordan in his TMNT "outfit"!

The cake and cupcake table! Joy's sister even hand-painted the balloons!

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