Friday, September 28, 2007

Of Mice and (Wo)Men

Ok, I love my new house--but the uninvited guests have gotta go! I HATE mice! But when you live smack dab in a pasture, well you get lots of "field" mice. So, I have these glue traps set out to catch them. I hate the sound of the SNAP! old-timey mousetraps, but I think I might hate the squeal of a stuck mouse even worse.
I took the day off today and was standing in my kitchen when I hear "EEE! EEE! EEE!" coming from my laundry room. ICK-a mouse! I am petrified of them being in the house. I just hate the thought of something having the run of the house and catch stand them!
So, I call Richie, but it was about 1:30 and he wasn't going to be off work for a few more hours. Well, I couldn't stand the noise, plus I couldn't leave my house or go outside because I have to go through my laundry room to get to my car. So, I called my Papaw to see if he was out and about and would be willing to kill him. Luckily they were on their way to town and came by to get it.
By the way, called the pest company and made an appointment for first thing Monday morning to spread some poison. It's me or them and since I pay the bills, they gotta go!!

Ok, so I am chasing mice, but that's all I am chasing right now. Rumors and old friends are not on my list. I find it humorous that old colleagues won't talk to me, but I don't let it bother me. I am not interested in someone else's selfish perspective. I don't have a beef with their life or issues that they are currently experiencing against their wishes. My life is just that-all mine. I couldn't be happier right now! AWESOME job, AWESOME fiance, and an AWESOME house with lots of mice! Who could ask for more??

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Little Rock

Guess what? I am engaged! Yes, engaged. So, you ask--who is the lucky guy and why haven't we heard about him? Richie is his name--no, you haven't heard about him on my blog yet. Not because he was a secret from the world--we've been together for awhile, but because I wanted some parts of my life to remain intimate, unknown. But, in the process it appears as if I have been hiding a part of my life. So, I starting today, I am gonna include that aspect of my life in my blog.
Ok, on with the engagement. Totally romantic! I am sucker for someone who puts thought into a romantic event! So, last Sunday, was the big day. We had spent the last two weeks frantically working on my house--painting, cleaning, and hanging pictures and curtains to get ready for game day--Razorback game day that is! After all of the work, we were exhausted. So, Sunday he suggests that we "go somewhere". I was all for it--I had seen enough angles of my house to make me want to run! We headed out to the Nature Center first and walked along the paths outside. Then, I suggested that we go to Mt. Magazine to check out the new lodge. When we got there, we stopped at the hang gliding ledge. There was a guy that was about to glide, so we decided to check out the lodge and then come back and watch him take off. When we got to the lodge, we went and sat out on a large rock overlooking the valley. We sat there and just talked and hung out. Then he said, "Well, we better get going." We don't want to be late." We stood up and hugged and enjoyed one more last view of the valley. Then, he started talking and honestly it gets blurry from here. I just remember hearing "best friend" and "the rest of my life" and that was enough to let me know what was going on. He got down on his knee and proposed. I started bawling! I couldn't even talk! I was so surprised and so excited. Oh, and when I was able to talk--I said yes! We plan on wedding next April--I really want a beach wedding, so I think we are going to wait on the weather and head south! Anyway, I am thrilled!