Friday, June 30, 2006


Yeah, that's right...Weston's team went undefeated this season! Everyone wanted to be the ones to beat us, but they didn't do it! :) I am soooo glad, we held on--there were so mouthy Mommas that I didn't mind putting in their place with a win. Post-season tournament starts in a week...I have a little time to get my blood pressure down before it gets heated again!
Ok, enough--it's teeball! Anyway, we celebrated this evening by swimming at my Grandma's house. Kylie got in the pool! I was so proud of her! She had a blast. Weston even did great swimming. He was all over the pool.
Well, we got our syllabus for the next class-it starts in a week. I am NOT looking forward to it. Kyle promised a New York trip though if I complete my Masters--that's motivation! :)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

No Kissing at this Make-up Game

Well, we played one of our make-up teeball games tonight...let's just say I put a church on the "I won't ever visit list" after their attitude at the game...they were pretty brutal. Everyone seems out to get us since we are undefeated and the games have become unbearable at this point. I mean when they get the video cameras out to do instant-replays at a teeball game, that's pretty ridiculous! Only one more regular season game tomorrow night and then we are done! Yes, we have post-season tournament games, but the regular season comes to an end. Weston also starts golf lessons in a couple of weeks, so I am looking forward to that! At least there won't be any competition except with himself. I think Kylie is going to take swim lessons...I hope we survive that!
**Well, we are kidless for the second night in a row...:) I have to admit it's kind of nice!!! The kids have taken turns at each of the grandparents house since we got back and Kyle and I are enjoying our freedom. Anyway, no complaints here. **
On that note, I am turning in for the evening!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's Official....

Well, we are back from DC finally. It's kind of good to be home--no rain! :) But, we had to get an early start this morning to get back, so I am exhausted this evening. At the airport in Memphis, I called on our "investment" and in order to finalize some things, I had to change my driver's license to reflect my married name. That didn't sit well with me--anyone that knows me, knows I do things in my time. Plus, I liked my driver's license picture! :) Seriously, it's just a pain to change everything and I wanted my name hyphenated (for several reasons) and so when it came to do it, I wanted to do it right. Well, I guess it was that time. So, we made it home, I showered and headed down to the DMV. Well, she gives me 4 names instead of a hyphenated last name. Close enough I guess....small town southern style that no one will acknowledge the ability to hyphenate a name! But my driver's license shows both names, so the purpose is served that I have either if I need them. But, it's official. I am now someone else. Funny how a few letters can change a person's existence. When you get married and take someone's name, you are not the same person both figuratively and literally.
Anyway, we picked up our puppies at the vet's office where they were boarding (they have grown)! We got them settled and then went and closed on our "investment" deal. So, it's been a busy day to say the least. I picked up my copy of Julie Robert's new album this evening as well. Her first album is still hard for me to listen to since it came out at a transitional point in my life 2 years ago. I could relate (and still relate) with those songs and I have a hard time listening to the CD. But, I pulled it out the other day and listened to it. Funny how a song can a paint a mural of familiarity, a picture of the past. Hopefully this 2nd CD will bring new memories with it as well!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Day 3 in DC

Well, I have to start out with the remainder of last night...that's when the fun started. So, after I blogged last night, we set out to ESPN Zone to have dinner. It's about 12 blocks away and it was not raining, so we thought we'd be alright. Well, we get about 1/2 way to our destination when the rain decides to come. It wasn't bad though, we were damp, but nothing major. We get to ESPN Zone and there's a 40 minute wait (which turned into over an hour). So, the kids play a few games and we visited the ESPN shop. We finally get seated and eat dinner. Kyle LOVED the BIG screen. I haven't been to an ESPN Zone before and right in front of our table was a row of recliners with TV trays for front row viewing of the game. A man's paradise! We eat dinner and get ready to leave, only to notice that at this point it is pouring down rain! So, we decided to run a block away to Ben & Jerry's and enjoy a little ice cream hoping the rain would give up. Boy, were we wrong. As we finished our ice cream, the storm blew in! We tried hailing a cab, but of course they are all full. So, we ran from awning to awning trying to stay dry. At a certain point, though it didn't matter. The distance between the awnings grew and the rain came down heavier than ever! About 6 blocks later, we were drenched! The roads were starting to flood and we were frantically trying to run...a lady even felt sorry for us and made her cab driver pull over so she could give us her umbrella! But at that point, it didn't matter. Make-up was running down my face and my pants were so wet I could barely keep them up. It was awful! But the kids were laughing the whole time... We finally made it back to the hotel and the gentleman at the desk was just shaking his head and laughing! We got up to the room and were able to ring out a ton of water from our clothing. What an experience!
So, today was the last day of the exhibit and it was definitely busy...the kids and Kyle went to see as many sights as they could that were open. Unfortunately, the dinosaurs and the other Smithsonian museums were still closed, but they visited the Capitol Building and Weston got his picture made with a DC cop and his Harley motorcycle!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Day 2 in DC

Well, my day was filled with mostly work, however Kyle and the kids ventured out and saw some of the sights. Except, as you have probably seen on the news, we are flooded up here. Two of the Smithsonian musuems (the ones they wanted to see) were closed due to flooding. Cross your fingers that they reopen tomorrow...the kids are dying to see the dinosaurs! Here's Weston with the first airplane (the Wright brothers). Yes, we finally have some digital photos! :)
Well, I am exhausted, so this post will be short tonight.....

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Where to Start?

Well, I must admit the last two days have been quite the adventure! First, we made it safely to Washington, DC...hey, guess what? We were delayed!! :) That's travelin' w/Tara! But, once we arrived, things got crazy for awhile. We decided to go eat at the Hard Rock Cafe which was quite the walk from the hotel we were at. First of all, this hotel was only for one night since they didn't have a room for me at the right hotel. Back to story--we head out and being the tourists we are (and the lucky hotel guests as well), we walked right through a yucky part of town...I would consider this as close to the projects as I probably have ever been and will ever be. Let's put it this way, when Kyle is scared, I know to be frightened! Did I mention it is also pouring down rain at this point? And, did I mention we have no umbrella? Also, I stuck out like a redneck in the city with my huge purse and camera bag. I might as well have put a flashing sign on my head that said, "MUG ME!" But we make it to Hard Rock finally and boy, did Kylie have a shake a booty moment (ok, about 30 minutes)! After we ate, we headed back, again through the projects and at this point in the dark....we also found the alley where they film all the scary movies. You know, the one from the Tim McGraw, "Please Don't Take the Girl" video! As we approach the hotel, we get about 10 feet from front door when the biggest RAT, not mouse, but RAT crosses right in front of me. Tail and all, the thing is about 15 inches long and I bet he weighed a couple of pounds. At this point, my metal building is screaming my name!
So, today I am thinking, it can't get worse, right? WRONG! First, we have to switch hotels before I go meet my coworker at the exhibit hall to setup our booth. Well, as I am trying to dry my hair, the electric goes off. I am already running late at this point, the kids are screaming to eat and I just want to go back to bed after being up half the night working on my homework for class. We get to the other hotel finally and as we get to the front desk, Weston starts puking! I am thinking that a stiff drink would be nice right now! We get checked in finally and I race to the convention center, 30 minutes late. Dick, my coworker is already there fighting the booth panels. We look like the blind leading the blind trying to assemble this thing! But we get it up and running. I decide to catch up with the family and see the sights. Well, I head back to the hotel first, however they are gone. I call Kyle and figure out where they are and then realize my cell phone is dying. In a rush, I leave the's where the Mastercard commercial starts.

Plane Tickets for Family to DC: $1000
New Camera to replace one lost in Nashville: $252
Remembering that camera as I head to the White House: priceless

Yes, I left the camera in the room. My free time is scarce here and I leave my camera in the room! So, we stop at a CVS (think WalGreen's) and I buy a $15 disposable...a photographer's nightmare! Where's my zoom? My LCD preview? My DELETE button? But, it was either that or no pictures! Then, here comes the rain again! So, now it is me, my disposable camera, and the cardboard box it came in acting as a raincoat for the camera as I try to capture pictures of the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and all the war Memorials! What a riot! But we enjoy the few hours of freedom and then I head back to work the booth for a few hours.
Meanwhile, as I am working at the exhibit hall, the kids and Kyle venture out and decide to head to Ford Theatre. Guess what? The President comes while they are there. Kyle said it was awesome to watch the setup and arrival. Guess what? He also forgot the camera! Evidently, they were filming a 4th of July special to be aired on one of the main channels on the 4th. Supposedly, there were also several famous people there as well. Who knows who all showed up. He said as famous people arrived, they were dropped off at a tent, so you couldn't see them. However, when the President arrived, they got to see him because he waved out the window. So, be looking for it! We ate dinner about 2 blocks away at a dive because we couldn't get into the restuarants that were close to it. Well, that's about all for now! Except, I FINISHED MY CLASS--YES, FINISHED! Yeah! Freedom for 1 week!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Rained Out

Well, our last two teeball games have been rained out...oh well. That just means we will have 4 games in one week probably. Here's a picture of the little teeball player himself...check out those shades!
We have so much to do to prepare for tomorrow. I came home this evening to find 2 puppies out of the pen and the rest soaking wet from the rain...and boy do they have 'tudes! They are feisty critters!
I went by Best Buy to return the camera case and memory card from my purchase yesterday since I won't be needing them anymore (Kay Lynn is buying the camera) and as I was walking across the parking lot, I broke the heel on my shoe! I hobbled to my car looking like a complete gimp! It took all I had to not stop at Shoe Carnival on the way home and get a new pair! Kyle, you should be proud....I actually WORE OUT a pair of shoes!
Well, my next post will be from DC! Hopefully I can load some pictures there as well. My laptop is just not powerful enough to support my photo programs, but we'll see what we can do!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lost and Found

Well, I did it again. I left a piece of me at one of my previous locations! Let me start from the beginning. May 2005, I went to San Diego and left my ring I had bought in Cancun in the lobby of the hotel on the last day there. Well, I just knew it was gone for good. However, 2 months later, a coworker convinced me to call the hotel and just check to see if someone might have turned it in. Well, it was there and shortly thereafter, they mailed it back to me!
So, fast forward to the present....I went to Nashville about 2 months ago, and ever since I have not been able to find my small digital camera. So, today I go out and buy a new one. Well, I told the same coworker that I had went and bought a new camera to take to DC this weekend. She asked if I had bothered to call the hotel and check to see if it had been returned. I told her no and she again convinced me to just check and see...guess what? It was there! They are mailing to me tomorrow....However, I am not sure how many items I have to leave behind before I learn my lesson!
Well, we leave for DC in just 36 hours! I have yet to pack a thing...Colin Powell is speaking Sunday at the conference I am attending and I hope to get to hear him...what an opportunity!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gaining Ground

Here's one of our newest little members! Isn't he cute? I wanted to capture some of the puppy features before they were all gone. They are changing so much each day! We have two puppies that are "spoken for" and we are keeping one of them. Her name is Addison (yes, after Grey's Anatomy).

Well, I can't say much about the details on here (you never know who could be reading! Ha!), but we have made some decisions about our living quarters and let's just say we are "gaining ground". I am's a small step, however it represents a significant commitment. I like to consider it an "investment". Hopefully we will see the next step soon! So, just know that there has actually been some progress....we are still living in the building and will probably be here for at least another year though.

Weston is going to take golf lessons at First Tee in a couple of weeks. He has really started liking golf ever since our Mexico trip. He practices almost every night and is doing fairly well. I think it will be good for him to learn a few basics and some of the sportsmanship that goes along with playing.

Well, we leave for Washington, DC on Saturday morning...the kids are excited! Especially Weston...he can't wait to see the Lincoln Memorial. I am ready as well...I need a break from the grind. The ironic thing is that we come home on Wednesday and my brother will be there late Wednesday for a Beta Club trip...too weird!

Ok, I am in dire need of finishing my part of the group project, so I'll cut this short. Teeball tomorrow night...GO FBC!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sweat Bay

I am at Sweet Bay trying to kill time until Weston's teeball game starts...however, it is more like SWEAT bay because I am outside and it is considerably warm! I should be typing away on my part of our group presentation, however I am not feeling it just yet....hopefully it will come soon though! Between the sweat dripping off of my face and the cigarette smoke from the girl next to me, I am cranky and not in the mood to do anything productive. It was one of those days at work too. A scheduled 9 hour day that for some reason seems pointless.
Wow, a breeze. Now the sweat is dried to my body!
We're still in a toss up as to what we want to do about our current living quarters. We have a few ideas in the pipes, but nothing has materialized as of yet. However, the Cumbie's are donating the carpet from their house, so we will get "new floors". It makes me sad to think I will forever lose the "mystery stain" that has graced my "living room" for the past two years!
Well, I am sure my cranky post is not reading enjoyment, so I will focus my efforts on my schoolwork....maybe.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Life is a Highway

So, Cars it is! The radar shows the never-ending storm during the party time, so I think we made the right decision. 4 of his little friends are able to go, so I think he will still have a good time. I just hate that he didn't get to have his other party. I know that he was looking forward to fishing. Everyone has said that Cars is good though, so I think it'll be a fair trade.
Kylie looks adorable...she has on her new outfit we bought her in's precious, but on the small side. Which means that she won't be wearing it very long.
Tomorrow is Father's Day which means the daily split. Mom is cooking brisket (yummy!) and the Cumbie's will probably have the usual grilled feast as well. However, Tara is in dire need of finishing her homework. Why is it that I wait until the last moment to do it? This is the last week hopefully I can get it in gear and finish up.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Mellow...that's me right now. Why? Because I just pumped a pain killer for my back that is hurting so badly I can't think straight. Therefore, I am in a fog, but not in pain. I am not sure what I did to's got a "pinching" feeling surrounded by sore muscles courtesy of my efforts of trying to avoid the pinching feeling by sitting in some awkward positions. Just my luck. Coming back from lunch today, I looked like I was constipated as I walked across the parking lot.
So, we reschedule Weston's birthday party and guess what? Rain. Yes, rain is going to be here tomorrow...and not the 20% chance stuff, we're talking the 80% chance that let's you know IT WILL RAIN. I can't win for losing! So, instead we may go see Cars and eat pizza. I just hate that I have tanked all this money into plates, party favors, etc for a "fishing party" only to have to pack up and go to the movies. Which might I add, won't be cheap. But the things we do for our kiddos!
On another note, Kyle has given me a new nickname...Ticket Master. Why? Because we are going to 4 concerts between July 7 and July 22. I am pumped too! First off, we will be seeing SheDaisy in Fayetteville on July 7. Then, it's off to the LIVE DVD recording at Cain's Ballroom with Cross Canadian that will be AWESOME. I love CCR!!!!! Then, it's Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in Dallas on a Friday night and Kenny Chesney, Sugarland, and Dierks Bentley in Dallas on a Saturday night....I am an official concert junkie. Summer is here!
Well, Kylie got moved back to Ms Wanda's class this week. After some more "bad havior," Miss Tina conceded and put her back with Wanda. Which didn't hurt my feelings. I wasn't too thrilled with Miss Whitney's little note that my kid "was rude" in class. Let's learn to not let our subjectivity impede our ability to communicate......

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Chasing Rabbits

Amanda and I met this evening to frantically try and gain some ground on our 2 major projects that are due in 10 days...and all I can do is chase rabbits. What I mean is my mind is everywhere else but on school. Why? Because my mind has ONLY been on school for the last 8 weeks and I am losing interest. I will be glad to change courses in 2 weeks. Although, I am trading for Statistics and Research...not so much appealing either!
On another note, we had our late teeball game tonight and I think my heart is still racing. That game was close! We won by only 1 run and the game was tight until the end....the kids played some ball. Plus, I think the team we played honestly wanted to beat us. Being undefeated sure has its negatives. For one, EVERYONE wants to beat YOU for bragging rights in the league. Secondly, the parents (yes, including myself) get INTO THE GAME. I was on my feet, in the air, screaming, hands waving the entire game....Not to mention the Grandma in front of me who decided to run her mouth. Doesn't she know not to do that with me in a 10 foot radius? However, I was behaved and didn't say anything while she began running us down for winning. She made a fool of herself on her own. And lastly, when you have a really good player on your team like we do, all anyone can say is that we don't play fair. Now how is having a good player defined as not playing fair? PLEASE. Teeball parents: Grow up.
Well, it's late and I'm still fired up from the game, so I best go before I run my mouth! :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

2 a.m. Wake Up Call

Well, we moved Sally and her pups up to our house last night. Kyle built a temporary (yes, Kyle I said temporary!) pen for the dogs and we got Sally and all 10 pups settled last night. Well, around 2 a.m. I hear what I thought was the alarm going off. My first thought was, "Nice Kyle, set the alarm for the middle of the night!" But then when he started talking out loud, I just figured he had COMPLETELY lost it! However, it didn't take long to figure out he was talking to Mom and they were talking about Sally. Evidently, she had jumped out of the pen and headed down to Mom's house. Then, she proceeded to corner a muskrat and got herself all worked up (as well as all of the dogs in the valley). Jim had to bring her home last night and we finally got her situated back in her doghouse with the pups.
Talk about a rude awakening!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

What's the Point?

I have decided not to clean house anymore...for a couple of reasons.
1) The kids can trash it 10 times faster than I can clean it!
2) I can't find anything after I clean.

We have finally rescheduled Weston's birthday party for next weekend. No camping, just fishing and hot dogs. It should be lots of fun!
Well, I am just stalling before starting on my homework that's due in 5 hours, so I better get to it! We have Glory Road to watch tonight...that's my reward if I can get my homework done!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Well, I am officially addicted....after buying nearly a dozen pints (not all at once, but still)....I am a sucker for Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream....the stuff rocks! I think that I have finally met my ice cream match...and it's a match made in heaven. It has been my escape, my release....the stuff is just plain good!
Tonight was Bunco night....came home w/$15....go me!
I should seriously being doing my homework for class, but I HATE it!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Havior was good"

Kylie cracks me up! Her behavior hasn't been very good this past week at school (so says the sheet that she brings home) and when I asked her if she was a good girl today, she said, "Let me go get my sheet, Momma." She comes back and tells me that it says her, "Havior was good today." (It actually said her behavior was OK, but she feels that's good enough!) It was so cute to hear her say that!
This week has flown by! Thank goodness....I feel like I live for weekends these days. This weekend we have 2 tee ball games and a birthday party, so I am sure the weekend will fly by as well. The teeball team is still undefeated though...
OH, and still 10 puppies! We are on our way right now to check on them.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Ok, I cheered for defense in high school, but defensive? No. To me, being defensive is a sign of guilt, an admission of wrong-doing. So, when I come to you to TALK about something, no need to get defensive...unless you're guilty. I wish people would give up the fight, would learn it's not worth it. It's a lot easier to just get along than to constantly battle. As a family, it's better to talk things through, not get DEFENSIVE when someone tries to talk to you. I was only trying to share my feelings, communicate, and hopefully come to an understanding. But, obviously it's used as a way to cut ties.
Well, consider them cut. I have no need for that in my life. I promise, it will hurt you a lot more than it hurts me.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Well, what do you tell a 3 year old about nursing? Ok, HOW MUCH do you tell a 3 year old? Kylie is so curious about how these puppies are getting milk. I tell her that Sally makes milk and they eat it out of the bottles attached to her. Well, now she's confused because I have had to make an actual bottle or two since we have so many. So tonight, she asked if all of Sally's "thirsties" had milk in them! It was so took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about!
We still have all 10 pups. I can't believe it. There are actually 3 colors. There are some that are a golden blond and some that are a sandy color. One golden one, a girl, has a white stripe between her eyes. I am going to have to start naming them. I guess I have waited so that I don't get too attached!
Back to the grind tomorrow!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

That There's An RV!

We went to see the movie "RV" tonight and let me just say that Robin Williams is hilarious! This movie was great...right up there with Christmas Vacation on the RV movies! We laughed our butts off! Kylie spent the night with Alyssa was so cute, she asked if she could go "Hang out" with Alyssa tonight...not "can Alyssa babysit me?" but HANG OUT! She's 3!
Anyway, she decided she just wanted to stay the night, so I told her that was fine although I did my whole panic thing until they actually got to the house!
But, they're home safe....Kyle's asleep and I am trudging through yet ANOTHER chapter of business blah. This class will be the death of me and everyone around me....there's just too much to do. Sad thing, I won't make an A after ALL of this work!
Oh well, as long as I get a B I'm alright-the 4.0 will be gone, but my sanity will be hanging by a thread.

Sat on my rear day

Ok, Saturday is supposed to be my catch up day...because I put off doing every other thing I should do until then. However, I am so not in the mood for ANOTHER quiz and ANOTHER test! Please let the pain end soon. It will, that's the problem. I won't be ready when it is though!
Today's agenda: swim at Dan's and off to the movies hopefully. You have to take advantage of the time when people OFFER to watch the kids! I have some much I need to is a total wreck, school is not going away, so on and so on. But the other stuff sounds more appealing!
Why is it that on vacation we proceed to eat so much that we know we will be dieting for a year afterwards! I pigged out on the all you can eat, anytime you want to eat meals and now bikini season is just a thorn in my side! :)

Friday, June 02, 2006


Well, I was waiting for some know, the kind that your adrenaline lives off of, the hope that keeps you motivated during the day, the fuel that drives your every ability to function. I got my news--it wasn't what I wanted. That's about all I can say about it. Just know I am gloomy now--confused. My tunnel is dark, my path is murky.
On another note, Sally and the pups are still doing great. We took Kylie to see "Over The Hedge" tonight since Weston is in Branson. When we left, she said, "That's scary!" I also think she was having an "I would like to trade my parents moment" when Kyle and I began singing at the top of our lungs to some oldie on the way to the movie. We were doing our best Bee Gee duet and all Kylie could say was, "Quit making that funny voice guys!"
I know now what it feels like on the "other side" now. I am the "not cool" parent!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Still 10

Well, we still have all 10 pups! After two days, they have all survived. Thank the Lord! There is one that is definitely a runt though, but a fighter. He definitely has spunk. They are all cute! Sally has the mothering thing down to an art now, so all is well. Last night we got to watch her move them and get them where she wanted them. It was so amazing to watch her adapt to the requirements and care for the pups.
I am so tired and drained. It didn't take long for the R&R to run out from last week. Good news is that it is Friday tomorrow, so hopefully I will gain some spunk. Weston is going with Debbie & Gomer to Branson for the weekend--just the boys, Weston and Tristan. Should be fun for all....Mom and Dad will use the time to play catch up with all the regular doings.