Friday, June 30, 2006


Yeah, that's right...Weston's team went undefeated this season! Everyone wanted to be the ones to beat us, but they didn't do it! :) I am soooo glad, we held on--there were so mouthy Mommas that I didn't mind putting in their place with a win. Post-season tournament starts in a week...I have a little time to get my blood pressure down before it gets heated again!
Ok, enough--it's teeball! Anyway, we celebrated this evening by swimming at my Grandma's house. Kylie got in the pool! I was so proud of her! She had a blast. Weston even did great swimming. He was all over the pool.
Well, we got our syllabus for the next class-it starts in a week. I am NOT looking forward to it. Kyle promised a New York trip though if I complete my Masters--that's motivation! :)

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