Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Day 3 in DC

Well, I have to start out with the remainder of last night...that's when the fun started. So, after I blogged last night, we set out to ESPN Zone to have dinner. It's about 12 blocks away and it was not raining, so we thought we'd be alright. Well, we get about 1/2 way to our destination when the rain decides to come. It wasn't bad though, we were damp, but nothing major. We get to ESPN Zone and there's a 40 minute wait (which turned into over an hour). So, the kids play a few games and we visited the ESPN shop. We finally get seated and eat dinner. Kyle LOVED the BIG screen. I haven't been to an ESPN Zone before and right in front of our table was a row of recliners with TV trays for front row viewing of the game. A man's paradise! We eat dinner and get ready to leave, only to notice that at this point it is pouring down rain! So, we decided to run a block away to Ben & Jerry's and enjoy a little ice cream hoping the rain would give up. Boy, were we wrong. As we finished our ice cream, the storm blew in! We tried hailing a cab, but of course they are all full. So, we ran from awning to awning trying to stay dry. At a certain point, though it didn't matter. The distance between the awnings grew and the rain came down heavier than ever! About 6 blocks later, we were drenched! The roads were starting to flood and we were frantically trying to run...a lady even felt sorry for us and made her cab driver pull over so she could give us her umbrella! But at that point, it didn't matter. Make-up was running down my face and my pants were so wet I could barely keep them up. It was awful! But the kids were laughing the whole time... We finally made it back to the hotel and the gentleman at the desk was just shaking his head and laughing! We got up to the room and were able to ring out a ton of water from our clothing. What an experience!
So, today was the last day of the exhibit and it was definitely busy...the kids and Kyle went to see as many sights as they could that were open. Unfortunately, the dinosaurs and the other Smithsonian museums were still closed, but they visited the Capitol Building and Weston got his picture made with a DC cop and his Harley motorcycle!

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