Friday, June 16, 2006


Mellow...that's me right now. Why? Because I just pumped a pain killer for my back that is hurting so badly I can't think straight. Therefore, I am in a fog, but not in pain. I am not sure what I did to's got a "pinching" feeling surrounded by sore muscles courtesy of my efforts of trying to avoid the pinching feeling by sitting in some awkward positions. Just my luck. Coming back from lunch today, I looked like I was constipated as I walked across the parking lot.
So, we reschedule Weston's birthday party and guess what? Rain. Yes, rain is going to be here tomorrow...and not the 20% chance stuff, we're talking the 80% chance that let's you know IT WILL RAIN. I can't win for losing! So, instead we may go see Cars and eat pizza. I just hate that I have tanked all this money into plates, party favors, etc for a "fishing party" only to have to pack up and go to the movies. Which might I add, won't be cheap. But the things we do for our kiddos!
On another note, Kyle has given me a new nickname...Ticket Master. Why? Because we are going to 4 concerts between July 7 and July 22. I am pumped too! First off, we will be seeing SheDaisy in Fayetteville on July 7. Then, it's off to the LIVE DVD recording at Cain's Ballroom with Cross Canadian that will be AWESOME. I love CCR!!!!! Then, it's Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in Dallas on a Friday night and Kenny Chesney, Sugarland, and Dierks Bentley in Dallas on a Saturday night....I am an official concert junkie. Summer is here!
Well, Kylie got moved back to Ms Wanda's class this week. After some more "bad havior," Miss Tina conceded and put her back with Wanda. Which didn't hurt my feelings. I wasn't too thrilled with Miss Whitney's little note that my kid "was rude" in class. Let's learn to not let our subjectivity impede our ability to communicate......

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