Friday, June 02, 2006


Well, I was waiting for some know, the kind that your adrenaline lives off of, the hope that keeps you motivated during the day, the fuel that drives your every ability to function. I got my news--it wasn't what I wanted. That's about all I can say about it. Just know I am gloomy now--confused. My tunnel is dark, my path is murky.
On another note, Sally and the pups are still doing great. We took Kylie to see "Over The Hedge" tonight since Weston is in Branson. When we left, she said, "That's scary!" I also think she was having an "I would like to trade my parents moment" when Kyle and I began singing at the top of our lungs to some oldie on the way to the movie. We were doing our best Bee Gee duet and all Kylie could say was, "Quit making that funny voice guys!"
I know now what it feels like on the "other side" now. I am the "not cool" parent!

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