Saturday, June 03, 2006

That There's An RV!

We went to see the movie "RV" tonight and let me just say that Robin Williams is hilarious! This movie was great...right up there with Christmas Vacation on the RV movies! We laughed our butts off! Kylie spent the night with Alyssa was so cute, she asked if she could go "Hang out" with Alyssa tonight...not "can Alyssa babysit me?" but HANG OUT! She's 3!
Anyway, she decided she just wanted to stay the night, so I told her that was fine although I did my whole panic thing until they actually got to the house!
But, they're home safe....Kyle's asleep and I am trudging through yet ANOTHER chapter of business blah. This class will be the death of me and everyone around me....there's just too much to do. Sad thing, I won't make an A after ALL of this work!
Oh well, as long as I get a B I'm alright-the 4.0 will be gone, but my sanity will be hanging by a thread.

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