Thursday, June 01, 2006

Still 10

Well, we still have all 10 pups! After two days, they have all survived. Thank the Lord! There is one that is definitely a runt though, but a fighter. He definitely has spunk. They are all cute! Sally has the mothering thing down to an art now, so all is well. Last night we got to watch her move them and get them where she wanted them. It was so amazing to watch her adapt to the requirements and care for the pups.
I am so tired and drained. It didn't take long for the R&R to run out from last week. Good news is that it is Friday tomorrow, so hopefully I will gain some spunk. Weston is going with Debbie & Gomer to Branson for the weekend--just the boys, Weston and Tristan. Should be fun for all....Mom and Dad will use the time to play catch up with all the regular doings.

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