Thursday, June 29, 2006

No Kissing at this Make-up Game

Well, we played one of our make-up teeball games tonight...let's just say I put a church on the "I won't ever visit list" after their attitude at the game...they were pretty brutal. Everyone seems out to get us since we are undefeated and the games have become unbearable at this point. I mean when they get the video cameras out to do instant-replays at a teeball game, that's pretty ridiculous! Only one more regular season game tomorrow night and then we are done! Yes, we have post-season tournament games, but the regular season comes to an end. Weston also starts golf lessons in a couple of weeks, so I am looking forward to that! At least there won't be any competition except with himself. I think Kylie is going to take swim lessons...I hope we survive that!
**Well, we are kidless for the second night in a row...:) I have to admit it's kind of nice!!! The kids have taken turns at each of the grandparents house since we got back and Kyle and I are enjoying our freedom. Anyway, no complaints here. **
On that note, I am turning in for the evening!

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