Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's Official....

Well, we are back from DC finally. It's kind of good to be home--no rain! :) But, we had to get an early start this morning to get back, so I am exhausted this evening. At the airport in Memphis, I called on our "investment" and in order to finalize some things, I had to change my driver's license to reflect my married name. That didn't sit well with me--anyone that knows me, knows I do things in my time. Plus, I liked my driver's license picture! :) Seriously, it's just a pain to change everything and I wanted my name hyphenated (for several reasons) and so when it came to do it, I wanted to do it right. Well, I guess it was that time. So, we made it home, I showered and headed down to the DMV. Well, she gives me 4 names instead of a hyphenated last name. Close enough I guess....small town southern style that no one will acknowledge the ability to hyphenate a name! But my driver's license shows both names, so the purpose is served that I have either if I need them. But, it's official. I am now someone else. Funny how a few letters can change a person's existence. When you get married and take someone's name, you are not the same person both figuratively and literally.
Anyway, we picked up our puppies at the vet's office where they were boarding (they have grown)! We got them settled and then went and closed on our "investment" deal. So, it's been a busy day to say the least. I picked up my copy of Julie Robert's new album this evening as well. Her first album is still hard for me to listen to since it came out at a transitional point in my life 2 years ago. I could relate (and still relate) with those songs and I have a hard time listening to the CD. But, I pulled it out the other day and listened to it. Funny how a song can a paint a mural of familiarity, a picture of the past. Hopefully this 2nd CD will bring new memories with it as well!

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