Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Havior was good"

Kylie cracks me up! Her behavior hasn't been very good this past week at school (so says the sheet that she brings home) and when I asked her if she was a good girl today, she said, "Let me go get my sheet, Momma." She comes back and tells me that it says her, "Havior was good today." (It actually said her behavior was OK, but she feels that's good enough!) It was so cute to hear her say that!
This week has flown by! Thank goodness....I feel like I live for weekends these days. This weekend we have 2 tee ball games and a birthday party, so I am sure the weekend will fly by as well. The teeball team is still undefeated though...
OH, and still 10 puppies! We are on our way right now to check on them.

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