Friday, December 30, 2005

Chronicles of Narnia

Well, we made it to the movie! It was such a great much symbolism. Weston says he didn't enjoy the movie, but he has been in such a funk lately I think it was just another rebellious act. Kylie enjoyed it...but she fell asleep toward the end of it.
Tomorrow night is New Year's Eve...Party! We are going to some friends' house for a party...shoudl be lots of fun. I would love to actually go out and party, but not possible with kids...guess that's part of growing up, huh?
Anyway, we can still enjoy ourselves; we just have to be flexible.
I got my school books in the mail last night, however the ONLY used book they sent was one that I needed to be a new version. Evidently to do the homework that is due the first day of class, you have to have this special code on the sleeve of the book. So, I get this used version that doesn't include the sleeve...NICE. But, from what I read in the book, the code is good for one use only. Luckily, I found the book at Books A Million, so hopefully I can return the used one to the bookstore...guess I am making a trip up the hill next weekend. Oh well, I am sure I can find something else to justify the trip.
Kyle leaves for 1 1/2 weeks of training in about a week or so which will make for some interesting times at the barn. I start class during that week and the next week is our 8 year anniversary. I am going to make an honest effort to get my reading done for class in advance as well as the 2 page paper due.
Well, Kyle is showered and clean, so time to curl up to a good movie---The Perfect Man! :)
Chow Chow!

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Ok, I read Shannan's blog today and I have to copy her cute little Layers Q & A (in my defense she even admits to copying it somewhere, so we could view this as a progressive trend maybe?)
Anyway, here goes:


Name: Tara
Birth date: 3/9/??
Birth place: St. Edwards in Fort Smith
Current Location: In a metal dwelling somewhere deep in the woods!
Eye Color: Blue eyes
Hair Color: Well, that depends, today-blonde, 5 weeks ago-red, tomorrow-who knows!
Righty or Lefty: Lefty-woo hooo!!! Diversity :)
Zodiac Sign: Pisces-that sensitive, intuitive, feelings sign which everyone thinks I have none....

Your heritage: Not sure, but I can tell you what I would like to inherit! :)
What Shoes Did You Wear Today: Hey, I thought this was "On The Inside"....oh well, I wore my brown "fart" shoes.
Your weakness: Lots of things... Kylie's smile, food, Kyle, CLOTHING!
Your fears: Lots of those, too....being alone, no one liking me (yup, I do have feelings!!!), rejection, failure in important areas of my life-job, kids, marriage.....
Your perfect pizza: I am pretty simple...I like pepperoni, cheese, and a slightly thick crust.
Goal you'd like to achieve: Ultimate goal-my own successful business....ongoing goals-getting my Masters degree

Your most overused phrase: Well, since my daughter has copied it, I would have to say "That's so CUTE!" However, it's probably "Seriously..."
Your thoughts first waking up: it Saturday?
Your best physical feature: Probably the things I bought....
Your bedtime: Hopefully around 9:30 as my morning starts early....5:30 a.m. early!
Your most missed memory: Hold my babies as babies...they are growing up so fast.
I also miss my friends.

Pepsi or Coke: Diet Mt. Dew
McDonald's or Burger King: Well, I guess I would have to say Mickey D's.
Single or group dates: I like moderation. I am a social butterfly and need to be around people to thrive, however I also like quiet alone time as well.
Lipton Tea or Nestea: Lipton Tea
Chocolate or vanilla: Swirl
Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino definitely...more specifically a WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA... I have developed such a Starbucks addiction!

Smoke: I am so not good at that.
Single: Nope...married w/children.
Have a crush(es): Everyone has crushes....
Think you've been in love: Don't think, I know.
Like(d) high school: I still have nightmares about it, so guess that would be a big fat no.
Want to get married: How do you answer that if you are already married.
Believe in yourself: I am learning to more and more each day. I have had people show me that I am worth believing in.
Get motion sickness: Yes, I do at times.
Think you're a health freak: (As I bite into my Snickers candy bar)...oh of course. Health is very important! Seriously, I do try to workout at least twice a week.
Get along with your parents: It's amazing how well you can get along w/people when you don't live with them.
Like thunderstorms: They are awesome under this metal roof! As long as they don't get too violent!
Play an instrument: I played the clarinet in like the 6th grade, but other than that, I can't play a single thing.

Drank alcohol: Ok, is this a month with 4 weeks or 5 weeks. I need to know that before I could answer some of these questions..... :)
Gone on a date: If you count going to Wal-Mart with the husband and kids a date, then yes, I have been on many of them!
Gone to the mall: Now who would ask a silly question like that to me? Uh, hello I was there today!!!
Been on stage: Believe it or not yep! I was in the "Follies" w/some friends when we were in high there's some blackmail pictures of myself!
Eaten Sushi: I tried it and some other disgusting raw fish junk in Atlanta last was not good!
Been dumped: Yep, it stinks at the time.
Gone skating: Yes, ice and roller skating
Gone skinny dipping: I honestly can't remember doing that....
Dyed your hair: Uh yeah, let's see...I have a standing appointment w/my stylist....
Stolen anything: I stole this survey from Shannan.... :)

Played a game that required removal of clothing: Yep
Gotten beaten up: Physically? No. Oddly enough people are scared of me.
Changed who you were to fit in: I think Shannan had the right view on this...adaptation.
But yes, I have done some silly things to fit in. I can say I have grown out of that for sure. I am who I it or lump it. Because either way, the other people will do what they want to in the end!

Age you hope to be married: OOOHHH!!! I am going to get all of these next questions correct!
Magic ball...speak to me....I think it is saying 19, OH WAIT....27. HHHMMM...wonder what my future holds.
Numbers of Children: Well, I am going to pray only 2....otherwise that snip-snip doctor is getting sued!
Describe your dream wedding: It will always be the wedding on a beach....oh well...I got close!
How do you want to die: Before my money runs out and I have to stay in some nasty excuse for a nursing home....
What do you want to be: Is this another grown up question? Well, I would like to be my own boss one day.....
What country would you most like to visit: Spain

Best eye color?: It's sad, but I don't even notice eye color!
Best hair color?: Anything but red....I think brown is safe here.
Short or long hair: ? Not particular as long as it looks good.
Height: I've always had a thing for tall guys for some reason.
Best first date location: ? Is there ever a "best" location for a first date...they are just painful anywhere.

Number of people I can trust: 1 and only learn these things the hard way.
Number of CD's I own: A safe guess would be 200 plus....
Number of piercings: Just my ears now...I had my belly button pierced this summer but it didn't work.
Number of tattoos: None yet....
Number of times been on T.V.: A couple back in my pageant days
Number of scars on my body: At least 4
Number of things in my past that I regret: Well, I have a few let's just pick a number and say 3. But hey, I can say that things have worked out for the better ultimately, so I guess they were worth it.
Ok, you bored yet...sorry I am just not that interesting!
I meant to write earlier about Mom's surprise 50th Birthday Party. She was completely surprised...but she didn't cry during her slideshow! I was practically bawling the last week or so while I was trying to finalize it! Oh was still good.
No work for me tomorrow! YIPPEE....sleep tight!

Back To The Grind

It is now the dangling week between the holidays. Christmas is behind us and the only holiday to look forward to now is New Year's. After that, it is the long 5 month stretch before we see any holiday time-off at work! Luckily, I have a short week at work this week--only 2 days! YEAH! The kids have cleaned out their rooms and are ready to begin playing with the bundle of new toys they received. Like every year, they received way too much! We have put up all the toys and are bringing them in one by one to open and let them play with. That way it seems like Christmas everyday for the next 2 weeks. Plus, they really enjoy the toys more as they aren't distracted by several at once. Weston received several Star Wars toys this year much to his Daddy's liking! He is Kyle Jr. when it comes to Star Wars. Kylie has several new babies and for the first time some Barbie dolls to play with. I am really hoping the dolls teaching her how to care for others. She especially enjoys her Baby Annabelle since it cries, laughs, burps, and makes sounds while it sleeps. She enjoys the interaction.Tomorrow I have a photo shoot for a girl and then maybe we will get a chance to go see Narnia. The kids are really wanting to see it (all 3 kids that is...Kyle included!) I think it would also be good for them as we really haven't been in church like we should.School starts back for me January 12th. This will be my first semester working on my Masters in Leadership and Ethics. I hope that the class is enjoyable! My books arrived at the house today, so I plan to get a head start on the reading. We have a summary paper due the first day of class!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

"Twas The Night Before Christmas!

Well, here we are...the best night of the year! The kids are tucked in bed anxiously awaiting Santa Claus. However, it seems we always have a "dramatic" twist! Weston is so anxious that he is sick to his stomach and just beside himself over going to sleep. We enjoyed the first day and a half of Christmas so far. Last night was especially exciting. While we were driving to our location, we witnessed a domestic dispute. Evidently there is a woman so worthy of loving that TWO men were vying for her attention. She was riding in the truck in front of us with a guy. Throughout the ride they were obviously arguing and punching at each other. Well, here comes a Camaro behind them just riding their tail! There were several times I thought we were going to witness a wreck. She opened the truck door trying to get the guy she was with to slow down so she could get out, but he wouldn't. Then, while we were sitting at a stop light, the truck pulls up behind us. Well, Joe Cool in the Camaro decided it was his time to make his move. He proceeds to get out of his car. I honestly think the guy in the truck was a little scared....he wasn't getting out! But to add to the excitement, the guy driving the truck decides to back up and RAM the side of the Camaro knocking off the mirror on the car not to mention other damage I am sure. Well, this infuriates the girl! And, it scares me to death! I called 911 and started to describe the events to the dispatcher. The light turns green and we begin driving again. About 1/4 of a mile ahead we made a left turn and during the turn, the truck proceeds to speed up quite a bit and I just KNEW he was going to rear-end us. We had 7 passengers in our SUV and they were all precious people to me. I was terrified! About the time he was about to plow in the rear of our vehicle, he whips the truck sharply to the right and cuts off the car. About 1/2 of a mile ahead the truck pulls over and the girl jumps out. The Camaro soon follows and pulls up behind the truck. The petrified driver of the truck takes off and the heavily coveted girl heads toward the Camaro. What a trip! And you just thought Christmas with the family was boring!
We did enjoy the rest of our evening though and took home a lot of goodies!
Today, we stayed busy, busy, busy. We went to my parents' home for breakfast and gifts. Afterwards, we went down to Kyle's grandparents' because we had a surprise planned for his dad with his mom and sister. Kyle's dad has always wanted a horse for as long as I can remember. He has surprised Debbie several times with gifts over the years and she wanted to repay the favor. We all chipped in and bought him a horse. Rusty the Horse is 14 1/2 years old. He is a brown Quarterhorse and seemed very calm and friendly (although I must admit I wasn't getting extremely close!) Gomer was ecstatic when he saw the horse...I think he was in shock. He didn't expect to receive it and couldn't believe we actually pulled off the surprise!
This evening we went to my grandparents' house for the annual Christmas Eve present exchange. My uncle brought his fiance, Laurie, who seems very sweet and made herself right at home with us. It was a bittersweet moment for me. I had met her previously, but it was tough to see him with someone else. I am so happy for him and he truly deserves to be happy, but at times I miss my Auntie Karen. I am glad though that he has found someone to share his life with. She seems to really care for him and I know they will make a great couple. They plan to marry August 26, 2006.
Well, we are down to the final countdown. We have to get all of Santa's gifts together now and once the kids are asleep, we will set the stage for a busy day tomorrow.
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Learning Something New

We have had several discussions at work about entering the blogging world, however there is intimidation and fear. I thought I would give this a shot and see how easy and useful it would be. So far, so good!
We are two days before Christmas! What a magical time of the year. I can honestly say I don't relate to Faith Hill's "Where are You Christmas?" song!