Thursday, December 29, 2005

Back To The Grind

It is now the dangling week between the holidays. Christmas is behind us and the only holiday to look forward to now is New Year's. After that, it is the long 5 month stretch before we see any holiday time-off at work! Luckily, I have a short week at work this week--only 2 days! YEAH! The kids have cleaned out their rooms and are ready to begin playing with the bundle of new toys they received. Like every year, they received way too much! We have put up all the toys and are bringing them in one by one to open and let them play with. That way it seems like Christmas everyday for the next 2 weeks. Plus, they really enjoy the toys more as they aren't distracted by several at once. Weston received several Star Wars toys this year much to his Daddy's liking! He is Kyle Jr. when it comes to Star Wars. Kylie has several new babies and for the first time some Barbie dolls to play with. I am really hoping the dolls teaching her how to care for others. She especially enjoys her Baby Annabelle since it cries, laughs, burps, and makes sounds while it sleeps. She enjoys the interaction.Tomorrow I have a photo shoot for a girl and then maybe we will get a chance to go see Narnia. The kids are really wanting to see it (all 3 kids that is...Kyle included!) I think it would also be good for them as we really haven't been in church like we should.School starts back for me January 12th. This will be my first semester working on my Masters in Leadership and Ethics. I hope that the class is enjoyable! My books arrived at the house today, so I plan to get a head start on the reading. We have a summary paper due the first day of class!