Thursday, December 29, 2005


Ok, I read Shannan's blog today and I have to copy her cute little Layers Q & A (in my defense she even admits to copying it somewhere, so we could view this as a progressive trend maybe?)
Anyway, here goes:


Name: Tara
Birth date: 3/9/??
Birth place: St. Edwards in Fort Smith
Current Location: In a metal dwelling somewhere deep in the woods!
Eye Color: Blue eyes
Hair Color: Well, that depends, today-blonde, 5 weeks ago-red, tomorrow-who knows!
Righty or Lefty: Lefty-woo hooo!!! Diversity :)
Zodiac Sign: Pisces-that sensitive, intuitive, feelings sign which everyone thinks I have none....

Your heritage: Not sure, but I can tell you what I would like to inherit! :)
What Shoes Did You Wear Today: Hey, I thought this was "On The Inside"....oh well, I wore my brown "fart" shoes.
Your weakness: Lots of things... Kylie's smile, food, Kyle, CLOTHING!
Your fears: Lots of those, too....being alone, no one liking me (yup, I do have feelings!!!), rejection, failure in important areas of my life-job, kids, marriage.....
Your perfect pizza: I am pretty simple...I like pepperoni, cheese, and a slightly thick crust.
Goal you'd like to achieve: Ultimate goal-my own successful business....ongoing goals-getting my Masters degree

Your most overused phrase: Well, since my daughter has copied it, I would have to say "That's so CUTE!" However, it's probably "Seriously..."
Your thoughts first waking up: it Saturday?
Your best physical feature: Probably the things I bought....
Your bedtime: Hopefully around 9:30 as my morning starts early....5:30 a.m. early!
Your most missed memory: Hold my babies as babies...they are growing up so fast.
I also miss my friends.

Pepsi or Coke: Diet Mt. Dew
McDonald's or Burger King: Well, I guess I would have to say Mickey D's.
Single or group dates: I like moderation. I am a social butterfly and need to be around people to thrive, however I also like quiet alone time as well.
Lipton Tea or Nestea: Lipton Tea
Chocolate or vanilla: Swirl
Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino definitely...more specifically a WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA... I have developed such a Starbucks addiction!

Smoke: I am so not good at that.
Single: Nope...married w/children.
Have a crush(es): Everyone has crushes....
Think you've been in love: Don't think, I know.
Like(d) high school: I still have nightmares about it, so guess that would be a big fat no.
Want to get married: How do you answer that if you are already married.
Believe in yourself: I am learning to more and more each day. I have had people show me that I am worth believing in.
Get motion sickness: Yes, I do at times.
Think you're a health freak: (As I bite into my Snickers candy bar)...oh of course. Health is very important! Seriously, I do try to workout at least twice a week.
Get along with your parents: It's amazing how well you can get along w/people when you don't live with them.
Like thunderstorms: They are awesome under this metal roof! As long as they don't get too violent!
Play an instrument: I played the clarinet in like the 6th grade, but other than that, I can't play a single thing.

Drank alcohol: Ok, is this a month with 4 weeks or 5 weeks. I need to know that before I could answer some of these questions..... :)
Gone on a date: If you count going to Wal-Mart with the husband and kids a date, then yes, I have been on many of them!
Gone to the mall: Now who would ask a silly question like that to me? Uh, hello I was there today!!!
Been on stage: Believe it or not yep! I was in the "Follies" w/some friends when we were in high there's some blackmail pictures of myself!
Eaten Sushi: I tried it and some other disgusting raw fish junk in Atlanta last was not good!
Been dumped: Yep, it stinks at the time.
Gone skating: Yes, ice and roller skating
Gone skinny dipping: I honestly can't remember doing that....
Dyed your hair: Uh yeah, let's see...I have a standing appointment w/my stylist....
Stolen anything: I stole this survey from Shannan.... :)

Played a game that required removal of clothing: Yep
Gotten beaten up: Physically? No. Oddly enough people are scared of me.
Changed who you were to fit in: I think Shannan had the right view on this...adaptation.
But yes, I have done some silly things to fit in. I can say I have grown out of that for sure. I am who I it or lump it. Because either way, the other people will do what they want to in the end!

Age you hope to be married: OOOHHH!!! I am going to get all of these next questions correct!
Magic ball...speak to me....I think it is saying 19, OH WAIT....27. HHHMMM...wonder what my future holds.
Numbers of Children: Well, I am going to pray only 2....otherwise that snip-snip doctor is getting sued!
Describe your dream wedding: It will always be the wedding on a beach....oh well...I got close!
How do you want to die: Before my money runs out and I have to stay in some nasty excuse for a nursing home....
What do you want to be: Is this another grown up question? Well, I would like to be my own boss one day.....
What country would you most like to visit: Spain

Best eye color?: It's sad, but I don't even notice eye color!
Best hair color?: Anything but red....I think brown is safe here.
Short or long hair: ? Not particular as long as it looks good.
Height: I've always had a thing for tall guys for some reason.
Best first date location: ? Is there ever a "best" location for a first date...they are just painful anywhere.

Number of people I can trust: 1 and only learn these things the hard way.
Number of CD's I own: A safe guess would be 200 plus....
Number of piercings: Just my ears now...I had my belly button pierced this summer but it didn't work.
Number of tattoos: None yet....
Number of times been on T.V.: A couple back in my pageant days
Number of scars on my body: At least 4
Number of things in my past that I regret: Well, I have a few let's just pick a number and say 3. But hey, I can say that things have worked out for the better ultimately, so I guess they were worth it.
Ok, you bored yet...sorry I am just not that interesting!
I meant to write earlier about Mom's surprise 50th Birthday Party. She was completely surprised...but she didn't cry during her slideshow! I was practically bawling the last week or so while I was trying to finalize it! Oh was still good.
No work for me tomorrow! YIPPEE....sleep tight!

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