Saturday, December 24, 2005

"Twas The Night Before Christmas!

Well, here we are...the best night of the year! The kids are tucked in bed anxiously awaiting Santa Claus. However, it seems we always have a "dramatic" twist! Weston is so anxious that he is sick to his stomach and just beside himself over going to sleep. We enjoyed the first day and a half of Christmas so far. Last night was especially exciting. While we were driving to our location, we witnessed a domestic dispute. Evidently there is a woman so worthy of loving that TWO men were vying for her attention. She was riding in the truck in front of us with a guy. Throughout the ride they were obviously arguing and punching at each other. Well, here comes a Camaro behind them just riding their tail! There were several times I thought we were going to witness a wreck. She opened the truck door trying to get the guy she was with to slow down so she could get out, but he wouldn't. Then, while we were sitting at a stop light, the truck pulls up behind us. Well, Joe Cool in the Camaro decided it was his time to make his move. He proceeds to get out of his car. I honestly think the guy in the truck was a little scared....he wasn't getting out! But to add to the excitement, the guy driving the truck decides to back up and RAM the side of the Camaro knocking off the mirror on the car not to mention other damage I am sure. Well, this infuriates the girl! And, it scares me to death! I called 911 and started to describe the events to the dispatcher. The light turns green and we begin driving again. About 1/4 of a mile ahead we made a left turn and during the turn, the truck proceeds to speed up quite a bit and I just KNEW he was going to rear-end us. We had 7 passengers in our SUV and they were all precious people to me. I was terrified! About the time he was about to plow in the rear of our vehicle, he whips the truck sharply to the right and cuts off the car. About 1/2 of a mile ahead the truck pulls over and the girl jumps out. The Camaro soon follows and pulls up behind the truck. The petrified driver of the truck takes off and the heavily coveted girl heads toward the Camaro. What a trip! And you just thought Christmas with the family was boring!
We did enjoy the rest of our evening though and took home a lot of goodies!
Today, we stayed busy, busy, busy. We went to my parents' home for breakfast and gifts. Afterwards, we went down to Kyle's grandparents' because we had a surprise planned for his dad with his mom and sister. Kyle's dad has always wanted a horse for as long as I can remember. He has surprised Debbie several times with gifts over the years and she wanted to repay the favor. We all chipped in and bought him a horse. Rusty the Horse is 14 1/2 years old. He is a brown Quarterhorse and seemed very calm and friendly (although I must admit I wasn't getting extremely close!) Gomer was ecstatic when he saw the horse...I think he was in shock. He didn't expect to receive it and couldn't believe we actually pulled off the surprise!
This evening we went to my grandparents' house for the annual Christmas Eve present exchange. My uncle brought his fiance, Laurie, who seems very sweet and made herself right at home with us. It was a bittersweet moment for me. I had met her previously, but it was tough to see him with someone else. I am so happy for him and he truly deserves to be happy, but at times I miss my Auntie Karen. I am glad though that he has found someone to share his life with. She seems to really care for him and I know they will make a great couple. They plan to marry August 26, 2006.
Well, we are down to the final countdown. We have to get all of Santa's gifts together now and once the kids are asleep, we will set the stage for a busy day tomorrow.
Merry Christmas!

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