Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fun Times

Well, last night was GREAT fun! We went to hear the Chris Cameron band at the Rib Room last night and had so much fun! Everybody was so impressed with Chris-he is so talented and sounded great. Emily is such a hoot! She had us laughing the whole evening (either her or Karla)...
First, we ate at the Hamburger Barn. The food was great and it wasn't crowded, so it was nice to sit in the A/C and just hangout for a bit. But, you could tell we were getting silly toward the end, so we decided to move it down to the Rib Room before our conversations grossed out the table next to us! :) At the Rib Room, we got a quaint table in the corner and sat back and enjoyed the show. However, Karla and Emily were feeling good a little while later, so they were just as much of a show as the band.
Afterwards, we went to Denny's and Karla and Kyle ate huge breakfasts! Billy and I just sat back and laughed at the people that came in there--the 40 year old in the red leather mini skirt took the prize! Hey, Kyle, what color of lipstick was that you were wearing? :)

Friday, July 28, 2006

New Pictures of Weston

Ok, Weston's turn. Here's some new pictures of him (well, the first set, I'll show the 2nd set tomorrow). He is turning into quite a little man! I am sooooo incredibly drained and I have a ton of homework to do! Tomorrow night should be fun--I am looking forward to it. Kyle, Billy, Karla, Amanda, Bret, and I are going out to dinner and then to listen to a live band. I am ready to get out a little bit, but definitely have to get ahead on my school work first. I am viewing tomorrow night as a "reward" for working on this stuff!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Pictures of Miss Kylie

Here's some new pictures of Miss Kylie! Doesn't she look so grown up? She is changing SO much and her hair is getting long! I just think she looks absolutely beautiful in these pictures, but hey I am a little biased! Her swim lessons went great tonight-she went underwater twice. That is a major accomplishment for her!

Well, tonight was our last night of golf lessons--I stink. Bottom line. I am either going to have to commit to practicing our get a few bucks out of my clubs!

Well, I have finally found a topic for my research paper-just need to actually sit down and write it! This class is draining me and I am not even putting the effort I should be putting into it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Well, I had my 4th of 5th golf lessons this evening! What a hoot...I don't know that I am getting any better, just getting more and more practice at being awful! So, we start out practicing in the sand. That really wasn't that bad. Afterwards, we head back to the driving range. Well, my 2nd ball hits the girl next to me! I was so embarrassed and felt horrible. She was fine--it hit her knee, but still my intentions were to improve by taking lessons and not to injure someone! A girl I met in class invited me over for a swim party tomorrow evening, so hopefully that will be a nice relaxing evening. Kylie's swimming lessons are going well also. She's getting more comfortable in the water, so that's a huge step!
Well, we are in the midst of planning Miss Kylie's 4th birthday party. It looks like it is going to be a "Supergirl Swim Party"....should be loads of fun now that both kids are enjoying the pool. Weston even went underwater Sunday and was really trying hard to swim. He is determined to learn--I am SO proud of him!

Monday, July 24, 2006


I can't believe I have actually waited this long to share the good news---I made an A in my last class! Yes, an A in the class I just knew I would flunk! I am SO thrilled that I have kept my 4.0!
However, this class will be the end of my reign I am afraid. Stats and Research are not my forte.
I am such a spoiled brat--while I am typing this blog, Kyle is giving me a foot bath/scrub/massage! WHAT A MAN! Well, I am gonna turn in for the's late and I am ready to get some sleep!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dallas Visit-Saturday Night

Well, Saturday night of the concert weekend truly rocked! It was outside and a wretched hot evening, however we didn't care-plenty of beer and good music! We were on row 11 of 30,000 people! Talk about AWESOME seats! Also, the stage came out on the side, so technically when they came down the ramp, we were only 3 rows back. First up was Carrie Underwood (who Kyle now thinks is totally hot--is she his new Faith? HA!) She did great! Second up (though surprised he was next??) was Dierks himself--Hello Nelly! What a cutie! He did great as well! We really enjoyed hearing him. The last time I saw him was in 2004 opening up with Kenny Chesney. After Dierks was Pat Green. Now I am not a true Pat Green fan, but I really enjoyed his live show. He really put everything he had into it!

There were even a few songs of his that I hadn't heard that were pretty good ones. After Pat though the house rocked. This is my 3rd time to see Kenny Chesney and everytime it's been a great concert. These were my best seats so far. Plus, UNCLE KRACKER showed up! What an awesome surprise. He was at the last year's concert and I love hearing him. He also sang "Follow Me" which is my favorite Kracker song. We met a nice couple that sat next to us and had such an awesome time. My ONLY beef with the whole evening was the TWENTY DOLLAR PARKING! I REFUSED to pay $20 to leave my car. The tickets were $75 each, beer again was $7 a piece and I was not about to waste my $$$ on parking. So, the stubbornness in me made Kyle park over a mile away at some business and walk. Yes, walk. In the heat. But overall we had a blast. If you consider the amount we spent on this weekend, we could've probably taken a small vacation, but I LOVE concerts! Especially the people we saw this weekend.

Dallas Visit-Friday Night

Well, we are back from our Dallas visit--two awesome concerts! We had such a blast Friday night at Faith and Tim. Our seats were great and they gave a great performance--only bad thing is that when they get so big, they can't sing all of their hits, so you don't get to hear all of the faves, but their duets were great! They even sang a couple of duets that are not recorded, so that was an awesome treat. We got to Greg and Carrie's house Friday about 6 pm, so it was major rush-rush to get downtown to the concert! We were floored at the cost of drinks--$7 per beer! GEEZ! When you consider the tickets were $85 each, and it was $10 to park, plus snacks/drinks, it really makes going to a concert almost impossible anymore! This picture is actually from Saturday night after all of the concerts were over--don't we look exhausted??
For some reason, my Tim and Faith pic wouldn't upload?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

CCR Rocked!

Well, we had such a blast last night at the concert...they did awesome! They recorded a live DVD and CD when we were there so as soon as it comes out we'll have to get it so we can relive the evening over and over and over!!! :) Seriously though, it was such a great concert--they just put on a good show anytime we have seen them...this made #3! They are coming to the fair in September and you can bet we'll be there!
Well, Kylie's fever got as high as 103 degrees yesterday...I still don't know what was wrong with her, but she was fine today. We took our pictures this morning-Kylie did the best! Weston was a little stiff and too worried I think, so hopefully some of his came out as he is the reason when went to get them done. We should have them back this week to view.
Oh and I can't write about today without telling you that the day included a visit to PF Chang's! YUM!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tulsa Trip

Well, we made it to Tulsa, OK last night. I am so ready to see CCR....hopefully it will be a good show! Billy and Karla have never seen them, so I hope they like the show as well. Alyssa came with us to watch the kids tonight, so that way we didn't have to beg any family back home. Kylie and Weston have pictures tomorrow, have Kylie is not feeling well. She feels sooo hot! I had Kyle run and get some tylenol for her. She can't get sick!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Ok, corny title I know, but guess what? It's late, late, and late and I have done about a bajillion things today! So, you get the corny title tonight. Anyway, I went to my first golf lesson. Hey, I actually HIT THE BALL! I was impressed, too! I think the relaxed setting amongst people who also had NO clue really helped!
Also, Weston's teeball final for the tournament championship was tonight and they won! They went completely undefeated throughout the entire season--like 23 or 24 games. They are the only team in the church league that did that! Congrats guys!
Well, tomorrow we leave for Tulsa. We are going to see Cross Canadian Ragweed and I am pumped!

Monday, July 10, 2006

2 Tees

Well, we won our first round in the tournament...however the teams are getting better and we don't play as hard as we did at the beginnning. I honestly think the boys are tired! Weston starts golf lessons tomorrow night and then has a game right after that! So, 2 Tees--I at teeball and one in golf! :) We are going to be running mad tomorrow night trying to get everywhere we need to be. I hope the kids win, but I am ready for teeball to be over.
Guess what Wednesday is? 1st day of class...again! I am so not ready for this. We have to drive twice to Springdale. Luckily the class is only 6 weeks long, but it will be more intense pain as he is the professor I had for this last class. Well, I took some Tylenol PM and I am struggling to stay awake.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Daisy Patch

Well, we had great weekend! Friday night was the SheDaisy concert and it was lots of fun. I went backstage and met them and then we listened to the concert. Rebel came and watched the kids and they loved that! SheDaisy isn't as famous as Rascal Flatts, etc, however they are a group I have followed since we lived in Russellville, so it was neat to meet them and enjoy the concert! Yesterday Weston and I went to his golf orientation at First Tee...he got a golf towel and t-shirt and I think he's geared up for lessons. That afternoon was our last teeball practice before we start the tournament tomorrow...we are really hoping for a tourney win to cap off the season!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Joinin' the Gym

Well, I found a new home to fix my poor body....Kyle and I joined the gym. It's a little hefty in the price tag, but there's tons to do and we hope to get some results. I hope to at least stop the cellulite from creeping any further down my legs!
I am supposed to get my grade for my last class today, but no such luck. Hopefully, he'll have them posted tomorrow. I am anxious to see the damage!
We are down to 8 puppies and they are going fast. Some of those are spoken for, but I don't count them gone until they are officially leaving with new owners. We put an ad in the paper, so hopefully that'll get rid of the last of the bunch.
I'm sleepy tonight...working out did me in!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

Well, the 4th of July has come and gone...too bad it decided to rain here about the time we were supposed to go swimming and shoot fireworks! The kids were really looking forward to doing it, but of course the weather didn't cooperate. I don't know what else we expected--we made plans for outside, so of course here comes the rain! :)
We had a good time at his parents' house though...we ate and ate and then played regular horseshoes and hillbilly horseshoes. I really wanted to post a picture on here of the kids on the slip and slide, but I can't find my cord for my digital camera, soooo I will do it tomorrow from the other computer. We had a puppy scare this afternoon. We came home and I noticed there were only 8 puppies (remember 1 already has a new home) in the pen. Well, the more I looked, I noticed it was one of the puppies that was already promised to someone. So, I immediately started to panic! We searched and searched and couldn't find it. Well, finally, when we got to the middle gate to close it, Kyle heard whimpering from a brush pile nearby and went and dug out the puppy! She was just fine, but very scared! I had already called the girl who was taking her and was giving her the news, but luckily I was able to tell her the good news as well!
Well, that's all for tonight...I really want to read a bit before bedtime!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Then there were 9

Well, one puppy has a new home tonight. Clark a.k.a. Superman, the only black male, went to live with Matt and Kathryn tonight. I am sad but know they will take great care of him. We have homes for three more, but they don't leave for a few more days. Now, we just have to find homes for the rest of them. Tomorrow is 4th of July! Tons of food and fun! The kids are pumped about shooting off fireworks....we bought some last year and didn't even shoot them. I just got word today that I got a Meet and Greet pass for the SheDaisy concert Friday night! Kyle says my new nickname is Backstage Pass now! :) I am trying to see how many famous people I can meet in 2006!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


We are sponsoring a Tough Man Competition at work and had to order a shirt for this guy that will represent us in some marketing collateral. Well, here's an idea of how big the guy is....I want him on my team for sure! :) Just to give you an idea--this shirt is a 5X.
Well, last night Kyle and I had a date night...and had a blast (oh and no kids!). First stop, Olive Garden where we ate and ate and ate! It was good! Then, off to the movies. This is where I had my reflection moment. We wanted to see something that Weston wouldn't be able to see (we are saving Superman and X-Men for him), so we decided on Click! with Adam Sandler. I thought we were going to see a light comedy, well it turned out to be really deep for an Adam Sandler movie (or maybe it just hit home). The movie is about a guy who gets a universal remote control and is able to control his world with it. He can fast forward through the rough times and go back and reflect on other times. But, it turns out he misses a lot of life when he does this. Ultimately, his life is ruined because of it. I guess it hit home because I have done this at times (No, I don't have a universal remote control). But, I have been on "auto-pilot" and missed some really good moments in life. It hit home when I realized there have been times I have missed in life. Luckily for me, when I put down "my remote", Kyle was still there for me, waiting. However, I can't get back those two years with him. Do I regret missing that time? No, I learned so much about myself, my friends, my family, and life in general. But, I don't want to miss anymore of life! I have still had a remote in my hand too many times--too busy at times with work, school, and things that ultimately aren't going to matter one day. It was kind of surreal....I realized I hadn't fully dealt with losing my great-grandpa and others who have passed away in the past few years. So, my promise to myself--enjoy life. I won't look back and live in the past. There were some good times, yes, but there are plenty more to be enjoyed in the future. I am robbing my future by concentrating on the past. Just remember-you don't want to wake up one day and realized you didn't fully live life.
Moving on to today--we have new carpet in the building! Yeah! I can't believe what a little carpet can do to a place. We still have to get the place put back together, but we have made such progress....Thank you Kyle! It looks great! I can stand it here a little longer now that it has a new floor! :)