Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fun Times

Well, last night was GREAT fun! We went to hear the Chris Cameron band at the Rib Room last night and had so much fun! Everybody was so impressed with Chris-he is so talented and sounded great. Emily is such a hoot! She had us laughing the whole evening (either her or Karla)...
First, we ate at the Hamburger Barn. The food was great and it wasn't crowded, so it was nice to sit in the A/C and just hangout for a bit. But, you could tell we were getting silly toward the end, so we decided to move it down to the Rib Room before our conversations grossed out the table next to us! :) At the Rib Room, we got a quaint table in the corner and sat back and enjoyed the show. However, Karla and Emily were feeling good a little while later, so they were just as much of a show as the band.
Afterwards, we went to Denny's and Karla and Kyle ate huge breakfasts! Billy and I just sat back and laughed at the people that came in there--the 40 year old in the red leather mini skirt took the prize! Hey, Kyle, what color of lipstick was that you were wearing? :)

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