Sunday, July 09, 2006

Daisy Patch

Well, we had great weekend! Friday night was the SheDaisy concert and it was lots of fun. I went backstage and met them and then we listened to the concert. Rebel came and watched the kids and they loved that! SheDaisy isn't as famous as Rascal Flatts, etc, however they are a group I have followed since we lived in Russellville, so it was neat to meet them and enjoy the concert! Yesterday Weston and I went to his golf orientation at First Tee...he got a golf towel and t-shirt and I think he's geared up for lessons. That afternoon was our last teeball practice before we start the tournament tomorrow...we are really hoping for a tourney win to cap off the season!

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thirty-something said...

Woooweee. Look at you! Looks like you're having some fun.