Sunday, July 02, 2006


We are sponsoring a Tough Man Competition at work and had to order a shirt for this guy that will represent us in some marketing collateral. Well, here's an idea of how big the guy is....I want him on my team for sure! :) Just to give you an idea--this shirt is a 5X.
Well, last night Kyle and I had a date night...and had a blast (oh and no kids!). First stop, Olive Garden where we ate and ate and ate! It was good! Then, off to the movies. This is where I had my reflection moment. We wanted to see something that Weston wouldn't be able to see (we are saving Superman and X-Men for him), so we decided on Click! with Adam Sandler. I thought we were going to see a light comedy, well it turned out to be really deep for an Adam Sandler movie (or maybe it just hit home). The movie is about a guy who gets a universal remote control and is able to control his world with it. He can fast forward through the rough times and go back and reflect on other times. But, it turns out he misses a lot of life when he does this. Ultimately, his life is ruined because of it. I guess it hit home because I have done this at times (No, I don't have a universal remote control). But, I have been on "auto-pilot" and missed some really good moments in life. It hit home when I realized there have been times I have missed in life. Luckily for me, when I put down "my remote", Kyle was still there for me, waiting. However, I can't get back those two years with him. Do I regret missing that time? No, I learned so much about myself, my friends, my family, and life in general. But, I don't want to miss anymore of life! I have still had a remote in my hand too many times--too busy at times with work, school, and things that ultimately aren't going to matter one day. It was kind of surreal....I realized I hadn't fully dealt with losing my great-grandpa and others who have passed away in the past few years. So, my promise to myself--enjoy life. I won't look back and live in the past. There were some good times, yes, but there are plenty more to be enjoyed in the future. I am robbing my future by concentrating on the past. Just remember-you don't want to wake up one day and realized you didn't fully live life.
Moving on to today--we have new carpet in the building! Yeah! I can't believe what a little carpet can do to a place. We still have to get the place put back together, but we have made such progress....Thank you Kyle! It looks great! I can stand it here a little longer now that it has a new floor! :)

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