Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dallas Visit-Saturday Night

Well, Saturday night of the concert weekend truly rocked! It was outside and a wretched hot evening, however we didn't care-plenty of beer and good music! We were on row 11 of 30,000 people! Talk about AWESOME seats! Also, the stage came out on the side, so technically when they came down the ramp, we were only 3 rows back. First up was Carrie Underwood (who Kyle now thinks is totally hot--is she his new Faith? HA!) She did great! Second up (though surprised he was next??) was Dierks himself--Hello Nelly! What a cutie! He did great as well! We really enjoyed hearing him. The last time I saw him was in 2004 opening up with Kenny Chesney. After Dierks was Pat Green. Now I am not a true Pat Green fan, but I really enjoyed his live show. He really put everything he had into it!

There were even a few songs of his that I hadn't heard that were pretty good ones. After Pat though the house rocked. This is my 3rd time to see Kenny Chesney and everytime it's been a great concert. These were my best seats so far. Plus, UNCLE KRACKER showed up! What an awesome surprise. He was at the last year's concert and I love hearing him. He also sang "Follow Me" which is my favorite Kracker song. We met a nice couple that sat next to us and had such an awesome time. My ONLY beef with the whole evening was the TWENTY DOLLAR PARKING! I REFUSED to pay $20 to leave my car. The tickets were $75 each, beer again was $7 a piece and I was not about to waste my $$$ on parking. So, the stubbornness in me made Kyle park over a mile away at some business and walk. Yes, walk. In the heat. But overall we had a blast. If you consider the amount we spent on this weekend, we could've probably taken a small vacation, but I LOVE concerts! Especially the people we saw this weekend.

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