Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bye, Bye Opie

Well, Richie and I did one of the hardest things we've had to do since we've been together. We gave Opie away. It makes perfect sense, but it was very hard to do. But, we couldn't ever get him to potty train, he was constantly destroying the carpet in the house and he would get into anything when you were away. If you put him in a kennel while you were gone, he would mess all over himself. He had severe separation anxiety and it wouldn't be fair to him or us to let it continue that way. I was put in connection with a lady that does animal rescue. She is a very sweet lady and she will place him in a foster home (possibly her own home) until she screens interested candidates and finds the perfect home for him. It's a much better situation than if we had placed an ad in the paper or just gave him away to someone who seemed interested. With the issues that he has, he will need someone who can be patient and help him change his ways!
So, it's a sad, sad day, but I know deep down everyone will be much better off.
Tonight, Kylie is going to participate in the UAFS Fashion Show. She won't be in the show, but will be the door prize girl--the Vanna White of the night! She's pumped!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kidney Bean Baby!

Ok, yes I will admit I WORRY to death over the littlest thing. There I said it. However, today I just couldn't let a worry go. I knew that I wouldn't rest until I knew the answer. So, here's the story. Last night I felt good. Yes, good. Weird for me since I have spent the last two weeks sick as a dog. But I didn't get too worked up about it. I mean I did have heartburn, so hey I wasn't GREAT, but I wasn't nauseated! So, this morning I get up shower, get ready, and head out the door--all without eating a single thing and no nausea! Ok, weird again. But I ate some breakfast at IHOP and went about my day. Then, I had a great lunch! Ok, so I am getting a little concerned at this point. But, hey enjoy the good times while they last right? So, I did. But by 4 pm on the way home when I hadn't had the slightest hint of nausea and felt great, I began to panic a little. I know the lack of pregnancy symptoms tend to be a sign of bad things. So, I got concerned I decided that I would call a pregnant friend of mine who is a "straight-shooter" and get her opinion. To my surprise, she was concerned too and told me to call my doctor. Well, the doctor seemed concerned too! Ok, now I am worried. But, it was 4:30 by then, so they just said stop by in the morning and they would pull some blood. Well, I know that 1 blood pull won't give any definite answers and would just leave me worrying all weekend long if my symptoms didn't return. So, I went to the ER. Yes, the ER. I decided I want to make sure things were OK. I have also had a little pain on my right side, but nothing I would've worried about.
So, anyway, I get there and they decide to pull blood and do an ultrasound to find out what was going on. Well, 4 hours later, I found out the greatest news ever! The baby is fine! It is 7 weeks 6 days (several days ahead of my count) and has a heartbeat of 151 bpm! It couldn't be better. I got to see the little guy/gal on the ultrasound just hanging out in there. Let me tell you, I felt SO relieved! It was worth every minute there to know that I can have a great day and be hungry and feel good and that there is nothing to worry about. So, yes, I am paranoid, but it sometimes to pays to get answers.
Now I get to rest peacefully tonight!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine's Weekend

I think I have the sweetest husband...wait, I know I have the sweetest husband! I had the BEST Valentine's Day EVER this weekend. It was the thought, the planning, the effortless day on my part that made it so absolutely special. First, I had to run to Wal-Mart and when I got back there was a package and card waiting for me on the counter. He had REMEMBERED a vase that I picked out a couple of weeks ago at Hobby Lobby and went back and got it for me. Then, he had the cutest card ever...I need to take a pic of it. Then, he told me to be ready at 3 pm. OK! Well, we leave at 3 and turn right on Hwy 10 and I'm thinking what in the world could be this way? The Bearcat? But, no he took me back to the place he proposed a year and a half ago...Mt. Magazine! We ate at the restaurant there and had a window seat to the beautiful view! Then, we get in the car and he hands me a "serious" card. So, so sweet! From there, we went and hung out at a few of the overlooks....such a beautiful view. Then, he offered to take me shopping! WOW! But, I am not feeling wonderful from the morning sickness, so I was happy to just go home and hang out there. What an absolute sweetheart!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Morning Sickness!

Ok, after 1 week of queasiness, I am absolutely sure that I am in the throes of morning sickness. I am happy....and miserable. Happy because I know it's such a good sign and that God has his hand on this baby. But, boy, I feel awful! Yesterday, I woke up with a bloody nose. Then, I started to pass out in the shower. And don't forget the nausea and hurling! Luckily, I have a great manager who is so understanding ( amen, for female bosses!). My doctor has prescribed me Zofran and it does seem to help a bit, but nothing is going to make it all go away. So, if you see me and I have this "look" on my face, I'm not mad, but you might want to move quick, because I am probably gonna hurl!
Kylie had such a great week--from winning the pageant last weekend to her latest accomplishment--a back handspring! Yes, my little Kylie officially did her back-handspring without anyone spotting her! Boy, was she SO excited! She showed me, she showed her Daddy, well, she showed anyone who would watch! As soon as I can get video of it, I'll be sure and post it on here.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and in my week of wretching, the only thing I could manage to buy for Richie was a card. I feel horrible! It just takes everything I have to get through the day! But, when I told him I didn't have a present, he told me that I did--in my belly! So, I am glad he sees how hard I am working on "making" his present!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Sick Bunch of People!

Well I am ready for the weekend and it's only Sunday night! But this weekend has been so busy with the pageant and then today has been spent with some sick people! First, Richie has been so sick since yesterday. I finally got him to go to the dr and he has a stomach virus. Great. He's sleeping on the couch tonight! Then, my Dad is in the hospital--he was having chest pains at church this morning and his blood pressure spiked and so they took him to the ER. I stayed up there about 3 hours or so and thought he was going home, so I came home to take care of Richie. Well, my Mom called later and they actually decided to keep him overnight because his pain came back and they are unsure of the exact cause. He had a quintuple bypass about 2 years ago, so needless to say we are always worried about another heart attack. Then, my mom came home and isn't feeling well, so I had to run some medicine over to her house so she could get through the night until she could get to the doctor tomorrow. Finally, Kylie has had a bit of a cough, so I picked up a cough suppressant to help her sleep better tonight (the kids are at Kyle's house until Richie is better).
So, pray for this sick group of people! When you add my morning sickness in there, we are just a pitiful group!

And the winner is...

Yesterday, we spent the day in Bentonville at the Miss Heart of the Ozarks pageant and Kylie competed in the Little Miss Heart of the Ozarks division. I have to admit, I wasn't looking forward to going. Kylie likes to do pageants and I don't mind for her to do them, but it seems that lately she has regressed in her performance when she does them. She has almost gotten shy! Yes, Kylie can act shy! So, when I packed up the car yesterday morning, I told myself, just get the stuff in the car and get through the day. Let Kylie enjoy the day and then go home. When we woke up, I didn't have her sportswear even picked out and nothing was packed, so I sent Kylie in her room to grab something for sportswear and I grabbed my make-up bag. Ok, last time I spent a week shopping and hours packing, so understand, my heart wasn't in this yesterday. I don't want to sound like I dread these things, because I don't. I used to do them, so I know they are fun. It's just frustrating when your little girl acts fun and spunky in life and then gets up on stage and freezes and doesn't even smile.
So, top this off--my morning sickness decided to kick in. The day I am going to be gone all day with tons of little girls, no food readily available and I have the queasies! Don't get me wrong, I welcome the nausea--a great sign things are progressing! Just was a little cumbersome with the day's activities.
Ok, so we get there at 10:30 a.m. for the day's activities. The pageant doesn't start until 6 pm. But we have rehearsals, a tea party, hair and make-up, so the day is packed.
Kylie stays in a good mood the whole day and has a lot of fun. It's time for the pageant and as I am doing Kylie's make-up, I told her the biggest thing to remember and the only thing that matters is to smile. She was worrying about walking and making sure she stood on the little marks. I told her it's OK if she's off a little bit on the mark--just keep smiling!
Well....she smiled and smiled and smiled! And when it didn't matter, she was still smiling! And out of the 7 contestants competing for Little Miss, Kylie is your new Little Miss Heart of the Ozarks!!! Congratulations Kylie!!!
Ok, and I don't have a single picture to post! We weren't allowed to bring cameras in, so as soon as I get some pictures, I will put them on here.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Game Night!

My parents have finally joined the "family of Wii owners" and are all geared up to get some playtime in. So, they invited us over tonight to play games, eat pizza, and hang out! It will be a nice break from the hum-drum of the week. Tomorrow Kylie has a pageant in Bentonville, so I am glad to have a little relaxing time tonight before the long day tomorrow.
There was a little excitement this week--Richie and I ran the "drunk driving" route! Two nights in a row this week we were out in town and got behind two different people that were driving horribly. So, we had to get a hold of the cop on duty and then it was me waiting in the car while Richie assisted in the stop. So, fair warning--if you pass me on the road, you better be on your best behavior!
That's about all I have except to ask that you continue to pray for Richie and I and this pregnancy. It's making me a nervous wreck! I know I need to relax, but that's so hard to do after a miscarriage. Things are progressing, but I need to hear a heartbeat to finally relax!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sharing the News

Richie and I decided to share some news with the kids this evening. We were watching the Super Bowl and I had him pause the game and here's how the conversation went.
Richie: We are having something.
Kylie: A Super Bowl Party!
Me: Well, yes, sort of, but something else.
Kylie: Food?
Me: Yes, in a minute. But this is different. We're having a b...
Weston: A Baby!
Me: Yes!
Weston: Woo Hoo. (in a sarcastic way)
Me: You aren't happy about that?
Weston: Only if it's a boy!
Kylie: I want a girl!
Me: You guys are going to have to make sure you help Richie for awhile. I might get kind of sick and not feel good, so he'll need help.
Kylie: Yeah, and you'll get fat too.

Lovely. Nothing like a 6 year old to paint the future for you. Anyway, we are having a baby, but I have to admit after last time, we are a little scared and apprehensive. I have been testing my hcg levels to make sure they are progressing correctly, and so far, so good. I guess I am going ahead and putting our great news out there so that you guys can pray for us and this baby. We have faith that God will definitely be with us every step of the way and I know this baby is in his hands. We just hope that everything goes well and the baby is healthy and happy!
Thank you in advance for your prayers--they mean so much!