Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sharing the News

Richie and I decided to share some news with the kids this evening. We were watching the Super Bowl and I had him pause the game and here's how the conversation went.
Richie: We are having something.
Kylie: A Super Bowl Party!
Me: Well, yes, sort of, but something else.
Kylie: Food?
Me: Yes, in a minute. But this is different. We're having a b...
Weston: A Baby!
Me: Yes!
Weston: Woo Hoo. (in a sarcastic way)
Me: You aren't happy about that?
Weston: Only if it's a boy!
Kylie: I want a girl!
Me: You guys are going to have to make sure you help Richie for awhile. I might get kind of sick and not feel good, so he'll need help.
Kylie: Yeah, and you'll get fat too.

Lovely. Nothing like a 6 year old to paint the future for you. Anyway, we are having a baby, but I have to admit after last time, we are a little scared and apprehensive. I have been testing my hcg levels to make sure they are progressing correctly, and so far, so good. I guess I am going ahead and putting our great news out there so that you guys can pray for us and this baby. We have faith that God will definitely be with us every step of the way and I know this baby is in his hands. We just hope that everything goes well and the baby is healthy and happy!
Thank you in advance for your prayers--they mean so much!

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