Friday, February 06, 2009

Game Night!

My parents have finally joined the "family of Wii owners" and are all geared up to get some playtime in. So, they invited us over tonight to play games, eat pizza, and hang out! It will be a nice break from the hum-drum of the week. Tomorrow Kylie has a pageant in Bentonville, so I am glad to have a little relaxing time tonight before the long day tomorrow.
There was a little excitement this week--Richie and I ran the "drunk driving" route! Two nights in a row this week we were out in town and got behind two different people that were driving horribly. So, we had to get a hold of the cop on duty and then it was me waiting in the car while Richie assisted in the stop. So, fair warning--if you pass me on the road, you better be on your best behavior!
That's about all I have except to ask that you continue to pray for Richie and I and this pregnancy. It's making me a nervous wreck! I know I need to relax, but that's so hard to do after a miscarriage. Things are progressing, but I need to hear a heartbeat to finally relax!

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