Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kidney Bean Baby!

Ok, yes I will admit I WORRY to death over the littlest thing. There I said it. However, today I just couldn't let a worry go. I knew that I wouldn't rest until I knew the answer. So, here's the story. Last night I felt good. Yes, good. Weird for me since I have spent the last two weeks sick as a dog. But I didn't get too worked up about it. I mean I did have heartburn, so hey I wasn't GREAT, but I wasn't nauseated! So, this morning I get up shower, get ready, and head out the door--all without eating a single thing and no nausea! Ok, weird again. But I ate some breakfast at IHOP and went about my day. Then, I had a great lunch! Ok, so I am getting a little concerned at this point. But, hey enjoy the good times while they last right? So, I did. But by 4 pm on the way home when I hadn't had the slightest hint of nausea and felt great, I began to panic a little. I know the lack of pregnancy symptoms tend to be a sign of bad things. So, I got concerned I decided that I would call a pregnant friend of mine who is a "straight-shooter" and get her opinion. To my surprise, she was concerned too and told me to call my doctor. Well, the doctor seemed concerned too! Ok, now I am worried. But, it was 4:30 by then, so they just said stop by in the morning and they would pull some blood. Well, I know that 1 blood pull won't give any definite answers and would just leave me worrying all weekend long if my symptoms didn't return. So, I went to the ER. Yes, the ER. I decided I want to make sure things were OK. I have also had a little pain on my right side, but nothing I would've worried about.
So, anyway, I get there and they decide to pull blood and do an ultrasound to find out what was going on. Well, 4 hours later, I found out the greatest news ever! The baby is fine! It is 7 weeks 6 days (several days ahead of my count) and has a heartbeat of 151 bpm! It couldn't be better. I got to see the little guy/gal on the ultrasound just hanging out in there. Let me tell you, I felt SO relieved! It was worth every minute there to know that I can have a great day and be hungry and feel good and that there is nothing to worry about. So, yes, I am paranoid, but it sometimes to pays to get answers.
Now I get to rest peacefully tonight!

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