Sunday, February 08, 2009

And the winner is...

Yesterday, we spent the day in Bentonville at the Miss Heart of the Ozarks pageant and Kylie competed in the Little Miss Heart of the Ozarks division. I have to admit, I wasn't looking forward to going. Kylie likes to do pageants and I don't mind for her to do them, but it seems that lately she has regressed in her performance when she does them. She has almost gotten shy! Yes, Kylie can act shy! So, when I packed up the car yesterday morning, I told myself, just get the stuff in the car and get through the day. Let Kylie enjoy the day and then go home. When we woke up, I didn't have her sportswear even picked out and nothing was packed, so I sent Kylie in her room to grab something for sportswear and I grabbed my make-up bag. Ok, last time I spent a week shopping and hours packing, so understand, my heart wasn't in this yesterday. I don't want to sound like I dread these things, because I don't. I used to do them, so I know they are fun. It's just frustrating when your little girl acts fun and spunky in life and then gets up on stage and freezes and doesn't even smile.
So, top this off--my morning sickness decided to kick in. The day I am going to be gone all day with tons of little girls, no food readily available and I have the queasies! Don't get me wrong, I welcome the nausea--a great sign things are progressing! Just was a little cumbersome with the day's activities.
Ok, so we get there at 10:30 a.m. for the day's activities. The pageant doesn't start until 6 pm. But we have rehearsals, a tea party, hair and make-up, so the day is packed.
Kylie stays in a good mood the whole day and has a lot of fun. It's time for the pageant and as I am doing Kylie's make-up, I told her the biggest thing to remember and the only thing that matters is to smile. She was worrying about walking and making sure she stood on the little marks. I told her it's OK if she's off a little bit on the mark--just keep smiling!
Well....she smiled and smiled and smiled! And when it didn't matter, she was still smiling! And out of the 7 contestants competing for Little Miss, Kylie is your new Little Miss Heart of the Ozarks!!! Congratulations Kylie!!!
Ok, and I don't have a single picture to post! We weren't allowed to bring cameras in, so as soon as I get some pictures, I will put them on here.

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