Friday, February 13, 2009

Morning Sickness!

Ok, after 1 week of queasiness, I am absolutely sure that I am in the throes of morning sickness. I am happy....and miserable. Happy because I know it's such a good sign and that God has his hand on this baby. But, boy, I feel awful! Yesterday, I woke up with a bloody nose. Then, I started to pass out in the shower. And don't forget the nausea and hurling! Luckily, I have a great manager who is so understanding ( amen, for female bosses!). My doctor has prescribed me Zofran and it does seem to help a bit, but nothing is going to make it all go away. So, if you see me and I have this "look" on my face, I'm not mad, but you might want to move quick, because I am probably gonna hurl!
Kylie had such a great week--from winning the pageant last weekend to her latest accomplishment--a back handspring! Yes, my little Kylie officially did her back-handspring without anyone spotting her! Boy, was she SO excited! She showed me, she showed her Daddy, well, she showed anyone who would watch! As soon as I can get video of it, I'll be sure and post it on here.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and in my week of wretching, the only thing I could manage to buy for Richie was a card. I feel horrible! It just takes everything I have to get through the day! But, when I told him I didn't have a present, he told me that I did--in my belly! So, I am glad he sees how hard I am working on "making" his present!

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