Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pregnancy Pains....

Well, I haven't even hit the 3rd trimester officially, but I can say I am just worn out completely! And before you tell me, yes, I know I am REALLY showing for 6 months and no, I am not carrying twins! I guess that's what comes with being short and small. But how do you explain that to every stranger that insists on gasping at how big my belly is already!
I just can't tolerate anyone that calls a pregnant girl fat either--BIG pet peeve. People--it's a baby! But for some reason, people forget their sensitivity at the door and use the F word. Is it because they realize it's not really fat, but can't think of anything else to say? How about asking the baby's name, or hey, just keep your mouth shut!
I am trying very hard to keep my emotions in check, but I can tell each day wears a little more on my patience and tolerability. I really feel like I have been pretty easy going so far, but I can tell I am wearing down.
And how about the heat? And it's ONLY June! Please tell me that it won't be worse in July or August!!
I am already starting to swell--not good! I really hope that isn't a sign of things to come either.
Well, enough of my gripes--this weekend we are heading to Sheridan for the State Baseball tournament. Weston was invited by a rival team to join them for an "All-Stars" team to play at State! We were so proud of him! I know it's hot outside and they are practicing some long hours, but hopefully they will show their stuff this weekend.
And in other news, a tree branch has finally managed to put a hole in the roof on the metal building (a.k.a. my old home). I am just very happy that no one is living up there right now. But now comes the hard part--finding someone to fix the hole and we have to find a way to get that tree down too! Neither part is going to be cheap either! Our insurance payout wasn't much either!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My non-stop time away from home!

Gosh it seems weird to be home! I spent a week in Vegas for our sales convention, then it was off to Branson, and finally a few days in Clarksville. Richie said I am officially grounded and have to stay home for awhile!
Vegas was nice--the weather wasn't miserable and I got to see my first Vegas show! I have been to Vegas about 7 or 8 times and never went to a show, but was able to see Cirque du Soleil and it was incredible! I couldn't get over how the stage floor was a pool one moment and flat the next--amazing! However, it was a work trip, so we were kept very busy and I averaged around 7 miles a day of walking! Needless to say, I was so worn out when I got home.
Then, we left for Branson on Saturday the 13th where we stayed until Tuesday. I was looking to relax, but the kids were ready to enjoy vacation! We swam, went to the movies, the Butterfly Palace...everywhere except Silver Dollar City. We kept avoiding it because the weather was supposed to get bad, however Tuesday when we finally decided it would be the best day to go--it finally rained! But we'll just have to go back again sometime so that the kids can hit the Kids' Fest!
Finally, I have been in Clarksville this weekend judging my first Miss America preliminary pageants. What an experience--and the most relaxing time of my adventure. I really enjoyed judging the pageants and hope we picked some candidates that will do well!
Baby Landen seems to be thriving--I have gained 12 lbs this month! Not good and unexplainable since I did my most physical activity this week? Oh well, I shouldn't be surprised since my babies never seem to be even remotely normal sized! I am sure he's gonna follow in his siblings' footsteps and just be a big baby.
I need to get a good pregnancy photo and post it on here, but so far I hate every picture I have seen so far!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Glad Yesterday Is Over!

You ever had one of those days that gets progressively worse? That was my yesterday. Nothing went right and it seemed the more the day progressed, the worse it seemed to get. I was so ready to go to bed last night! Richie knew my day had been a hard one. It was so funny because right before bed, I couldn't find my Invisalign retainers. I searched and searched and I had lost them. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. He even said, "you need to just go to bed." He was SO right. It was obvious that the only cure was a fresh start in the morning. After I went to bed, he was so sweet and lay down beside me and started caressing my head and it was so soothing. It was the sweetest thing. Isn't it funny how the tiniest gestures, the smallest pieces of the day can somehow make you forget all that happened during the day. At that moment, I forgot about all the drama, all the stress and I just let him soothe me. I fell asleep shortly thereafter and didn't wake up until around 5:30 a.m. Lately I can't sleep, I hurt and just can't get comfortable. But last night I slept like a baby.