Friday, March 25, 2011

Mr. Inquisitive

Landen's "new thing" this week is asking questions.  Not a moment goes by without a "what's that" or "where's ________" (fill in the blank w/mom, dad JuJu, Andy, etc....).
It's such a cute age--in fact my favorite age has always been 18 months--the inquisitive nature, the innocence, and the orneriness! Last night was the first time he said, "hold me"! So sweet!  He can be a little toot though and is not afraid to throw a NO! at you.
Last Sunday we spent the afternoon at Laura's parents' new house.  They have a built a beautiful new home and we were invited to their Open House.  Thanks Savold's for the invite and great food!  Here's some pictures from the afternoon!
If the shirt fits, then wear it! :) 

Kylie and Miss Pate

The girls and Sandy (Sandy LOVED licking Landen from head to toe!)

Me and Laura

Sunday, March 20, 2011

1/2 Marathon!!

JT snapped a pic of me crossing the finish line!

The Savold Girls and me before we ran.  I look awful, but that morning wasn't about looks or fashion!! :)

Laura and I (and her sister) ran in a 1/2 marathon Saturday and I was able to finish! I was SO happy (and very exhausted)! There were some issues with the course and the group I was in got sent an entirely different way than Laura's group.  Well, I am glad I had my GPS and MapMyRun program running because when I got to the finish line turn off, I had only completed 10.75 miles. So, I wasn't about to turn and finish the race without running the entire 13.1 miles--I just made laps around the block until I had went far enough and then turned down the finish line.  I ended up going 13.21 miles in 2 hours 28 minutes. (Do you know how HARD it was not to just cross that finish line when you are that close to it after running 2 hours!?) I think my biggest accomplishment was that up until yesterday, I have never been able to run more than about 3.7 miles without walking.  Well, yesterday, I ran 8.5 miles before I started walking! Then, from there I alternated each mile between running and walking! Laura was such a machine--she finished under 2 hours! 
I think we did very good considering we did not train for the 1/2 marathon at all.  Like I said, we only do about 3.5-4 miles on our daily runs, so we were very pleased to not only finish, but to have such good times for our first 1/2 marathons!
I am excited, because now I know I can do a 10k!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kickin' The Bucket....List!

Now that I have the 5k thing down, I decided to go to the next level--oh, heck, skip the next level! Laura and I are doing a 1/2 marathon this weekend!!! Saturday morning, I will spend my morning trying to find a way to make it 13.1 miles! I know there is no way I can run the whole thing--haven't ever tried and it's hard enough to make it the 5k amount for me. But, I am going to try run/walk a mixture through the course.  It's not about time for me at all, just completion at this point.  I just want to be able to say I DID IT at the end of the day!
Here's to the race Saturday (and the hopes I can walk the next day)!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Week END

Ok, the whole time change thing has me very out of whack! UGH! But, I managed to make it through the day so far without a nap in hopes I can sleep tonight! Today, Landen and I went for a nice, long walk while Richie is over working at the new house.  We ended up walking nearly 7 miles!  He was content in his stroller and it was absolutely gorgeous outside, so we just kept going and going.  I had no intentions of walking that far at all! But, it was nice and relaxing....
Last night we went out to eat at Fuji's with Jeremy and Catina and had a ball! Jeremy hadn't ever been before and he was a little nervous.  I was afraid he might not like the food, but they both ended up loving it and had a great time.  We bought movie tickets before dinner and if you've been to Fuji's, you know how it takes forever.  Well, we got to the movie right after it started and the 4 seats that were left were scattered all over--one here, then one 4 rows up.  There was no way that we could even sit together as couples! So, we went back out and spoke with the manager and he was very nice and gave us a refund! We went to Kirkland's and Target after that and walked around and got ideas for our new house. We were all glad the movie thing didn't work out because we were so tired anyway!
So, the house progress for this past week was the completion of the siding.  We had a little minor issue with the rock, but hopefully they will still get to start around Tuesday at the latest.  
Here's to a good week! I am ready for one!

Front View
Another front angle view
Back View
Back View
Front side angle

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Weekly Update

I had a great birthday week, minus a cruddy day Thursday-- nothing major just one of those days I was SO done with by about 10 a.m.  My class grades have been submitted and I am FINALLY finished.  I really did enjoy teaching this class--very fun, but I have learned a lot for next time around and will do a few things different from the beginning....
Richie is at the new house site today cleaning up shingle scraps, etc in preparation for the rock and brick layers over the next couple of weeks.  I cannot wait! That will totally change the looks of the house! The siding was completed this week and it is really shaping up to be a beautiful home.  I went and finalized my light fixture choices yesterday--made a few swaps and have to say I'm excited with my final choices!
Today, Landen and I have hung out while Richie is gone and he has been quite the character...a little fussy, but overall good.  Today, he has a few things that I haven't really heard before.  First, instead of just saying "thank you", it's now, "thank you, buddy".  I guess that's from us saying that to him--TOO cute! Then, when we were changing his diaper, he was asking, "what's that?" about various things in Kylie's room.  Finally, when we brought our groceries home, he helped me unpack them and would say, "here you go" as he handed me the stuff.  I must say, quite impressive for a 17 month old!
Tonight, we are going out to eat/movies with Jeremy and Catina for my and Jeremy's birthdays! Not sure what we will see since Gracecard is only playing in the afternoons. :( But, maybe there's something else playing that will be good!
I'll post this week's house progress later when Richie gets me some new pics! :)

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Birthday Blast!

Today was my birthday and gosh, I wish I could have more if I didn't have to get any older! But, regardless, I had such a fun day!
The day started off with my 3 sweet kiddos serenading me in bed....too cute! Landen joined in and then just put his sweet little head on me! He was in such rare form--Kylie taught him to say, "Happy Birthday Momma!" I thought I would cry--so funny that 3 little words can move someone so much--but when your little baby speaks, it's so meaningful! After I got the family off to work/school, I enjoyed a cup of coffee in a quiet house.  I had to study for my new drug, but that was OK--I just sat in my robe and read in the peace and quiet.
Then, it was off to meet Laura for birthday lunch!  We had SO much fun today--we were in rare form to laughing and having a great time.....the guys at La Fiesta serenaded me and brought me two sopapillas (and yep, I ate them BOTH!!).
After lunch, I finished up grading the papers from the class I taught and then it was off to take Landen to the eye doctor.  They were going to remove the tube from his eye, but decided to give it another 3 months....while we were there though, he put on such a show.  One older man even gave him a dollar and everyone kept talking about him and how smart he was and how good he could talk--he was so cute to watch!
The hubby gave me a birthday card and let me pick out my own presents--Fashion Boutique, here I come! The kiddos also got me a sweet card, too. My parents got us a "wine cooler" for the new house--it is really nice and will go great in the new kitchen.  We don't drink much wine, etc, but it'll be great for my Dt. Mt. Dew, too! My Dad even mailed me a gift card, too.  That was so special--I think it's the first b-day gift in like 25 years from him.  :)
Then, tonight we had my birthday dinner at my grandma's house.  I requested Geno's pizza and chocolate covered peanuts for dessert--YUMMY!  Lots of great fun and laughs! Thanks to everyone for making the day special!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Student of the Month

Kylie has wanted to be Student of the Month for a LONG time.  In fact, last year she even asked her teacher what exactly she had to do to get Student of the Month.  Well, this year, her teacher said that everytime she announced the Student of the Month, she would watch Kylie as she sat at her desk with her fingers crossed mouthing, "please, please, please" in hopes it would be her.
So, last week when the letter came home she had won, I knew she would be excited, but I had no idea just how excited.....I came home from work and she met me at the door with an envelope that said, "To the Parents of Kylie", but it had a smiley face after it so I knew it wasn't anything too bad! :) Well, I had no idea what it was, so when I opened it and I read it I looked at her and told her what it said and she just started smiling and laughing....and then all of the sudden just bawling!  She just fell into my arms!  She was crying so hard that Richie came out from the bedroom and asked what was going on.  She had wanted it for so long that all of those emotions just erupted!
Today was the Student of the Month breakfast and Kylie has been planning this day since we got the letter--what she should wear, who all would be attending, etc.  We had breakfast, but I noticed she didn't eat much.  Then, she didn't seem like herself.  As the breakfast wrapped up, she put her head on the table and started to cry.  She felt sick and was miserable.  I felt so bad for her! She has been looking forward to today! But, I honestly think it was all of the emotion and excitement that made her sick.  She stayed home with my Mom and slept for about 3 hours, then she ate a big lunch and was back to her normal self. So glad she feels better!

Monday, March 07, 2011

My Other Children

Last August, I went to the Women of Faith conference and had such an amazing time.  I have been meaning to blog about something that happened while I was there, but time has just gotten away from me.  So, when I saw the mail on the table today, I knew I had to write about this.....
I have been to many Women of Faith conferences over the years and I have heard them speak about World Vision and sponsoring children, but I haven't been to a conference since I went on a mission trip to Guatemala.  So, when they started talking about the conditions these children live in, I immediately found myself back in Guatemala and walking amongst those kids.  I could smell the foul odors, see the innocent faces smeared with dirt, but most importantly I could see true happiness and peace they had.  They literally had nothing--their house are typically a piece of sheet metal on one side, a tarp on another, and the final side made of sticks.  One side was typically open.  They had to cook right over a fire, their children breathing the smoke (and suffering the consequences later).  Maybe it was really being there at some point in my life that made the discussion so much more impactful--maybe it was now having 3 kids that did it.  But, whatever it was, I knew I had to consider sponsoring a child.  So, I tested God.  I told him the only way I would consider is if there was a boy from Guatemala with the EXACT birthday as Weston, down to the year.  Guess who won the challenge? Yep, God. (I will write more about the boy we sponsored later). Then, I decided that Kylie would probably like to have someone to write to as well.  I was looking through the kids and no one was really grabbing me--sure they are all sweet kids and need a sponsor, but I wasn't moved....until I saw her.  Those beautiful brown eyes, the sweet, innocent smile.  She didn't share Kylie's birthday, but she is very close in age.  She was born April 26, 2001. Her name is Yennifer Alexandra.

Yennifer Alexandra
Kylie has written her a couple of letters and for Christmas we sent her a Christmas card with silly bands in it.  It takes awhile to get a response, which is hard for the kids to understand in the world of technology we are so accustomed to.  But today, Kylie got her first  letter in the mail from Yennifer!  It was such a sweet little letter. We did also get a picture she colored of her country with some facts about it as well as a Christmas card, but this is the first real letter we have received.

Yennifer's letter
It says, "Hi, Kylie, I was very happy to receive your letter and get to know you and your family a little more.  They had to read the letter to me because I was in my grandmother's house in Quindio. I was born there.  Kylie, the thing I like to do the most is to sing. I'm very good at it so that's very good.  I also like to play with sisters and friends.  I also like to take theatre and dance classes.  I love and appreciate people very much. I'm 9 years old and I'm going to start 5th grade.  I have 5 sisters but I only live with 2 of them.  Laura Cristina is 11 years old.  She came from Caqueta recently.  My little sister is Yelsi Gisne and she's going to turn 7 years old.  She is my favorite one.  I'm very happy.  I have been living with my stepmother for 8 and a half years now.  I also live with my dad and my two sisters.  I hope you are a very happy girl as well. May the Almighty God bless you and your family.  I want to stay in touch so that we can tell each other many things.  TQM (I love very much)
Here is a picture Yennifer drew and included with her letter.
Kylie hasn't had a chance to read her letter yet since she had to go to her dad's house after school today, but I know tomorrow she will be so excited to see it!  I can't say how much these kids are a blessing to my and my kids--I really hope that we can all learn something from this experience! I really would like to take Kylie to meet her one day. If you have never sponsored a child before, you should definitely give it some thought and prayer. It's such a wonderful experience!
I'll write about our boy next time!

Sunday, March 06, 2011


I haven't posted in awhile about Landen and how much he is changing.  I can't even tell you how many words he can say because he says almost everything.  He has even gotten to the point of combing two and three words!  He has quite the vocabulary and personality to match.  The other day though was the cutest thing.  I turned on the TV and flipped over to Sesame Street for something for him to watch while I got ready.  He has never watched Sesame Street at home.  I didn't say anything except, "do you want to watch some cartoons?" When he looked up and saw the TV, he yelled "ELMO"!!! It was so cute! I know that's not much for anyone else, but for him to recognize and say it was adorable.  I immediately texted the babysitter and she said they watch it there.  I couldn't figure out how he knew who Elmo was!
He is changing so much lately--definitely more the toddler type now!  He loves saying, "noooooo" and dragging it out.  And he means it too! He is learning how to throw little tantrums--all a part of that terrible two's that is about to come!
Overall though, he is a great little guy!  He has such a sweet personality and is very social. Richie and I were just talking about how outgoing he is and how he is the life of the party! He is definitely the "baby" of the family with all the attention he gets!

Hot Springs sans the kiddos!

Last weekend Richie and I got an all-expenses paid trip to Hot Springs with my work.  We had a meeting the Wednesday-Friday before that and then all of the spouses drove in for a little R&R.  It was great! No kids, great food, good company!  We went to the horse races on Saturday.  We had a great time, but gambling is not either one of our hobbies, so it wasn't as exciting for us as some people.  We signed up for the membership and they give you $20, so we gambled on their money! That's my kind of gambling!  We didn't win anything though, but it was a great experience.  Then, Saturday evening Richie and I had dinner at a great restaurant called Porterhouse.  YUMMY! I have to say I ate well from Wednesday to Sunday while I was there--probably too well!
I really enjoyed the downtime and time with my hubby!

And some more house progress!

I am SO far behind on posts, so here goes on the catch up posting! These pictures are about a week old, but there's not much progress to photograph while they install electric/plumbing.  So, really if you drive by, this is still what you see!
The shingles are all complete now, but this is most recent front pic I have on computer.

Back view with shingles!

Arches in the living room

These are the living room windows that are level with the 2nd story--it's a 20 ft ceiling in living room.

Dining room window being installed