Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Birthday Blast!

Today was my birthday and gosh, I wish I could have more if I didn't have to get any older! But, regardless, I had such a fun day!
The day started off with my 3 sweet kiddos serenading me in bed....too cute! Landen joined in and then just put his sweet little head on me! He was in such rare form--Kylie taught him to say, "Happy Birthday Momma!" I thought I would cry--so funny that 3 little words can move someone so much--but when your little baby speaks, it's so meaningful! After I got the family off to work/school, I enjoyed a cup of coffee in a quiet house.  I had to study for my new drug, but that was OK--I just sat in my robe and read in the peace and quiet.
Then, it was off to meet Laura for birthday lunch!  We had SO much fun today--we were in rare form to laughing and having a great time.....the guys at La Fiesta serenaded me and brought me two sopapillas (and yep, I ate them BOTH!!).
After lunch, I finished up grading the papers from the class I taught and then it was off to take Landen to the eye doctor.  They were going to remove the tube from his eye, but decided to give it another 3 months....while we were there though, he put on such a show.  One older man even gave him a dollar and everyone kept talking about him and how smart he was and how good he could talk--he was so cute to watch!
The hubby gave me a birthday card and let me pick out my own presents--Fashion Boutique, here I come! The kiddos also got me a sweet card, too. My parents got us a "wine cooler" for the new house--it is really nice and will go great in the new kitchen.  We don't drink much wine, etc, but it'll be great for my Dt. Mt. Dew, too! My Dad even mailed me a gift card, too.  That was so special--I think it's the first b-day gift in like 25 years from him.  :)
Then, tonight we had my birthday dinner at my grandma's house.  I requested Geno's pizza and chocolate covered peanuts for dessert--YUMMY!  Lots of great fun and laughs! Thanks to everyone for making the day special!!


Tonia Hobbs said...

Happy Birthday!

meeksmiles33 said...

happy Birthday!

Jen S. said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday...yae! That's great! I'm craving a sopapilla (or two!)

Have a great weekend!