Monday, March 07, 2011

My Other Children

Last August, I went to the Women of Faith conference and had such an amazing time.  I have been meaning to blog about something that happened while I was there, but time has just gotten away from me.  So, when I saw the mail on the table today, I knew I had to write about this.....
I have been to many Women of Faith conferences over the years and I have heard them speak about World Vision and sponsoring children, but I haven't been to a conference since I went on a mission trip to Guatemala.  So, when they started talking about the conditions these children live in, I immediately found myself back in Guatemala and walking amongst those kids.  I could smell the foul odors, see the innocent faces smeared with dirt, but most importantly I could see true happiness and peace they had.  They literally had nothing--their house are typically a piece of sheet metal on one side, a tarp on another, and the final side made of sticks.  One side was typically open.  They had to cook right over a fire, their children breathing the smoke (and suffering the consequences later).  Maybe it was really being there at some point in my life that made the discussion so much more impactful--maybe it was now having 3 kids that did it.  But, whatever it was, I knew I had to consider sponsoring a child.  So, I tested God.  I told him the only way I would consider is if there was a boy from Guatemala with the EXACT birthday as Weston, down to the year.  Guess who won the challenge? Yep, God. (I will write more about the boy we sponsored later). Then, I decided that Kylie would probably like to have someone to write to as well.  I was looking through the kids and no one was really grabbing me--sure they are all sweet kids and need a sponsor, but I wasn't moved....until I saw her.  Those beautiful brown eyes, the sweet, innocent smile.  She didn't share Kylie's birthday, but she is very close in age.  She was born April 26, 2001. Her name is Yennifer Alexandra.

Yennifer Alexandra
Kylie has written her a couple of letters and for Christmas we sent her a Christmas card with silly bands in it.  It takes awhile to get a response, which is hard for the kids to understand in the world of technology we are so accustomed to.  But today, Kylie got her first  letter in the mail from Yennifer!  It was such a sweet little letter. We did also get a picture she colored of her country with some facts about it as well as a Christmas card, but this is the first real letter we have received.

Yennifer's letter
It says, "Hi, Kylie, I was very happy to receive your letter and get to know you and your family a little more.  They had to read the letter to me because I was in my grandmother's house in Quindio. I was born there.  Kylie, the thing I like to do the most is to sing. I'm very good at it so that's very good.  I also like to play with sisters and friends.  I also like to take theatre and dance classes.  I love and appreciate people very much. I'm 9 years old and I'm going to start 5th grade.  I have 5 sisters but I only live with 2 of them.  Laura Cristina is 11 years old.  She came from Caqueta recently.  My little sister is Yelsi Gisne and she's going to turn 7 years old.  She is my favorite one.  I'm very happy.  I have been living with my stepmother for 8 and a half years now.  I also live with my dad and my two sisters.  I hope you are a very happy girl as well. May the Almighty God bless you and your family.  I want to stay in touch so that we can tell each other many things.  TQM (I love very much)
Here is a picture Yennifer drew and included with her letter.
Kylie hasn't had a chance to read her letter yet since she had to go to her dad's house after school today, but I know tomorrow she will be so excited to see it!  I can't say how much these kids are a blessing to my and my kids--I really hope that we can all learn something from this experience! I really would like to take Kylie to meet her one day. If you have never sponsored a child before, you should definitely give it some thought and prayer. It's such a wonderful experience!
I'll write about our boy next time!

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Katie said...

We just sponsered a little girl from Haiti. She is so cute and I was tempted to adopt her but then got a note saying that she had a mommy and daddy and so i felt good about that and I was not ready for any more kids!! If she didn't thought I was drawn to her immediatly. At least we can help her out (: Proud of you!!