Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Weekly Update

I had a great birthday week, minus a cruddy day Thursday-- nothing major just one of those days I was SO done with by about 10 a.m.  My class grades have been submitted and I am FINALLY finished.  I really did enjoy teaching this class--very fun, but I have learned a lot for next time around and will do a few things different from the beginning....
Richie is at the new house site today cleaning up shingle scraps, etc in preparation for the rock and brick layers over the next couple of weeks.  I cannot wait! That will totally change the looks of the house! The siding was completed this week and it is really shaping up to be a beautiful home.  I went and finalized my light fixture choices yesterday--made a few swaps and have to say I'm excited with my final choices!
Today, Landen and I have hung out while Richie is gone and he has been quite the character...a little fussy, but overall good.  Today, he has a few things that I haven't really heard before.  First, instead of just saying "thank you", it's now, "thank you, buddy".  I guess that's from us saying that to him--TOO cute! Then, when we were changing his diaper, he was asking, "what's that?" about various things in Kylie's room.  Finally, when we brought our groceries home, he helped me unpack them and would say, "here you go" as he handed me the stuff.  I must say, quite impressive for a 17 month old!
Tonight, we are going out to eat/movies with Jeremy and Catina for my and Jeremy's birthdays! Not sure what we will see since Gracecard is only playing in the afternoons. :( But, maybe there's something else playing that will be good!
I'll post this week's house progress later when Richie gets me some new pics! :)

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My Life Az Vil said...

I really like your posts!
Keep the good work up!
Greets from Switzerland! :D