Friday, March 25, 2011

Mr. Inquisitive

Landen's "new thing" this week is asking questions.  Not a moment goes by without a "what's that" or "where's ________" (fill in the blank w/mom, dad JuJu, Andy, etc....).
It's such a cute age--in fact my favorite age has always been 18 months--the inquisitive nature, the innocence, and the orneriness! Last night was the first time he said, "hold me"! So sweet!  He can be a little toot though and is not afraid to throw a NO! at you.
Last Sunday we spent the afternoon at Laura's parents' new house.  They have a built a beautiful new home and we were invited to their Open House.  Thanks Savold's for the invite and great food!  Here's some pictures from the afternoon!
If the shirt fits, then wear it! :) 

Kylie and Miss Pate

The girls and Sandy (Sandy LOVED licking Landen from head to toe!)

Me and Laura


Jen S. said...

I too just love that age! It's so cute when they are repeating what they hear and saying the cutest things :)

Sounds like you all had a fun time last weekend. That's great! :)

Jen S. said...

I don't have your email and I want to write to you :)
If you don't mind sending it to me, I'd be so happy :)
my email address is:
I would LOVE to meet you while you're here in Vegas! That would be so much fun!
Write to me when you can :) PS... I'm excited you're going to do a wreath...they are super easy to do!