Sunday, March 06, 2011

And some more house progress!

I am SO far behind on posts, so here goes on the catch up posting! These pictures are about a week old, but there's not much progress to photograph while they install electric/plumbing.  So, really if you drive by, this is still what you see!
The shingles are all complete now, but this is most recent front pic I have on computer.

Back view with shingles!

Arches in the living room

These are the living room windows that are level with the 2nd story--it's a 20 ft ceiling in living room.

Dining room window being installed


Laura said...

The house is going up so fast. It gets bigger ever time I see it. Hopefully I can make it over there one day this week!

Katie said...

Wow it is beautiful. I long to build or buy my dream home. I don't know exactly what that will be and when. The problem here is if I stay in the North the land is so much and the taxes are so horrible. They will be going up too. It makes it harder to afford what I want. I miss the south due to the lower taxes that is for sure and all the molding, around here unless you spend $400,00 you do not get any crown molding! I don't mind going older or smaller on some nice land but then I have to gut it which sounds scary. If you ever have time I would be interested in how building a home goes and if you it is complicated and stressful. I love it!! Congrats I am happy for you!