Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Roof Over our Heads

Here are some pics of last week's progress. The framers should be done by tomorrow and I think the "roof" crew is coming tomorrow to start on the shingles.  I did a walk-thru today with the cabinet guy and the electrician....I am WORN OUT! So much to think about--then I worry about silly stuff like, "what if I need an outlet there? Is that enough light in that room? What if the cabinets are too low? Too high? Too little?" UGH!  Too much to process!
It wouldn't bother me if we weren't going to live there forever! But knowing--THIS IS IT--makes it completely different!
Then, I left the construction site and said, "Thank you Lord for letting me have the opportunity to even worry about where outlets go and lighting for the rooms".  I know this a huge blessing from Him to even build this house, so I am glad to "sweat the small stuff"!
Front view with rafters going up. Office to left, front door, dining room window, then garage.

Head on front view--office, front door, dining room, 2 car garage, boat garage from left to right

Back view of porch going in--yes it's quite tall!

SkyLift being put to good use.  Back patio/porch work being done.

Another front view of house

View from neighbor's house on our road.  Kind of neat to see a different angle.

Back view with porch complete..


Laura said...

It's looking awesome and HUGE!!!!

Small Town Girl said...

Love it can't wait to see pictures when it is all done bet you are getting excited!!

Jen S. said...

I know that having a home built is very tiring and can wear a person out! We had our home built, and I remember feeling so worn out mentally from having to make so many decisions. Will the paint match the tiles and the countertops, and will that match the stair railing too?!! The worries are endless, BUT it's good problmes to have right?!! Imagine how awesome it'll be when it's done! I bet it'll be GREAT and you'll be very happy with it.
PS--you have a beautiful family by the way!
I'll be back again to visit-have a great weekend!

SheWolf said...

Thanks girls! You gals are the sweetest!