Friday, February 11, 2011

House Progress--1st Half of Week

With this weather, I am just glad to say there was some "progress" on our wasn't much though! But hopefully, with next week's temperatures, they will get back on schedule.  I just found out they are going to work tomorrow and Sunday--thank goodness! Before the bad weather this week, here is the work they were able to get done!
Media/Bonus Room Upstairs

Looking down into living room/kitchen

View from Landen/Weston's rooms of media room? Below to the right is the master bedroom

View of back of house

Side view of house

Working hard!

Another view of media/bonus room (can you tell which room they were able to work on that day??) LOL!

Stairs leading to the 2nd floor

View from living room of Kylie's room??
I'll post another round of pics later of the rest of the week's work! Slowly but surely, we should have a new house one day!!

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Laura said...

I am so excited for you!