Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day....I know I'm Late.

This week has been nothing but running behind for me! With trying to study for my certification exam, I have felt like I have had no spare time and a mushed brain.  But, I took my test today and made a 98 percent! Hallelujiah! :) One down, two more tests to go! UGH!
Back to Valentine's Day though....Each year Richie and I go to Mt. Magazine for dinner at the lodge (it's where he proposed), but this year with all of the snow on the ground, we were afraid to try it. Not to mention we only had a babysitter for Saturday night after 6:30 pm, so beggars can't be choosy! :) So, with the limited time we headed to town.  But anyone from around here knows that we have a limited amount of restaurants and tons of people out and about to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Our first stop, Longhorn, would've been a 2 hour wait! UM NO!  We scanned the Cheddar's parking lot....and didn't even bother to ask. So, we headed to Bravo's.  Richie had never eaten there and wanted to try it.  They told us it would be a 45 min wait, but we didn't wait longer than about 15 minutes.  The food and ambience was great! It was SO nice to have a night out with NO kids! I know some people feel like Valentine's Day is over-rated, but I have to admit that I like it.  I don't ever doubt my hubby loves me any other day, but I like the fact that the holiday encourages us to stop and spend some time together on our own.  I know we wouldn't have made it out for dinner last weekend without the excuse! We are trying to not waste money (thanks Dave Ramsey), so we stuck with our Valentine's Day budget for gifts.  Richie really wanted a meatloaf, so I made him one for Valentine's Day (he's easy to please).  And he had seen me tear up the house looking for chocolate for the last two weeks and so he bought me a TON of chocolate! YUM! I'm usually not a chocolate girl, but something is seriously wrong with me lately and I have been craving it.  So thanks Richie for the chocolate!
Kylie had a great Valentine's Day as well.  She bought her "boyfriend", Aaron, a teddy bear and balloon and we drove to his house the night before, left the goodies and knocked on the door.  Then we drove down the road and watched him find his surprise! It was so cute! Then, the next day he sent her a blanket, roses, a stuffed animal and a card to school! I wouldn't be as tolerant if I didn't know his Momma!
Great day! Love You Richie!

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