Sunday, February 06, 2011

Date Night and a Jeremy Camp Concert

Last night Richie and I had a date night and went to see Jeremy Camp.  It was an AWESOME concert! We had seats on the 2nd row right smack dab in the middle, but the 2 seats in front of us were removed for handicap access, so we were basically on the front row! There were 2 little girls and their Mom sitting next to us that were about Kylie's size and they were the nicest people.  So, when Jeremy Camp came on stage, I told them to come get in front of me in that space where the chairs were removed and they were SO excited and kept saying thank you! The people in front of them were very tall and they had a hard time seeing, so that made their night--it was sweet to see them get excited! It was funny because the lady next to me wasn't very happy with me...and you know what? I didn't care one bit! She could see right over the girls' heads and they were the most well-behaved little girls that I didn't care if it bothered her.  Hope someday she realizes life isn't all about her....
I loved hearing Jeremy's testimony about his 1st wife.  Last night was the 10 year anniversary of her death and he still got emotional talking about it.  I know it's hard, but it's such a testimony to hear about the hurt and pain and then see the life he has chosen to live that honors God. Such a huge message that we can overcome things with God on our side.

The concert was great, but I have to say that the ride home was amazing. Besides the hazelnut coffee we stopped to get (ha!), I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation between me and Richie.  Several times last night he referred to "the old me" when he would talk about how he would've reacted to a situation. But, he's different. And you could see it in the way he reacted to things and hearing him talk. My heart just melted all over again for him! :)


Laura said...

Great pic! you guys are too cute.

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