Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Back Hurts, My Back Hurts

So today I find myself flat on my back due to one of three things.....the continual fight of the gate to enter my own property...twice, or the huge collection of books required for this semester's studying, or my own lack of ability to exercise properly and frequently. Who knows? All I do know is the heating pad and I are best friends. This is the first time today I have been in an upright position.
Now to more fun stuff...Shannan has such a cool blog! So, once again I find myself utilizing her crazy little Q & A's in an effort to fill my blog.
So here goes with the next round:

5 Weird Quirks:

AAAHH, now this one should be fun. However, most of you that know me, know them!
Anyway, here they are:
1) I cannot and will not eat chicken on bread. Here let me define it more....2 slices of bread and one giant hunk of chicken between a chicken breast sandwich for example. Now, chop that chicken breatst into pieces (like chicken salad), and we're good to go. And I don't limit this quirk to just is actually any hunk of meat such as beef (except hamburgers), etc.
I just can't bite into a large chunk of meat, it seems cannibalistic (sp?), not to mention the grizzle...ICK!
2) I cannot and will not drink after anyone...anyone. I just get grossed out by the thought of salivia and backwash floating in the cup and can't bring myself to do it. I admit I have actually done this before out of desperation, however it was one of those moments that my survival instincts took over. I don't drink after my kids, my husband, no one.
3) My clothes are organized according to sleeve length first, material, second, color third.
4) Ok, this is getting difficult. Oh! Got it...I don't drink milk. No, not because of an allergy or general dislike in the stuff, but rather because to me, it tastes like it has a hole in it! (Stop laughing...)
5) And finally, my last quirk...hhhmm, thinking....well, suffering from ideas, so how about that I have to sleep in socks. Sorry, best I could do!

Ok, here's some more cool stuff on Shannan's site I thought I would do....

1) Item of clothing: Ok, gonna cheat here and split this into shoes and clothing.
My favorite shoes would have to be my camel-colored Steve Madden's. My favorite clothing would have to be a certain pair of Old Navy jeans.....
2) Place: Well, I loved Cancun and could definitely see myself there again very soon...(hey, how about May? :) )
3) Song to Sing: Ok, key here is "to sing," so I would have to say the one on Carrie Underwood's new CD...can't think of the name, but the one about keying her boyfriend's car,'s spunky, hard to keep up with and definitely sounds cool!
4) Hymns: As a kid, I loved to sing "Victory in Jesus" at church, also, "There Shall Be Showers of Blessings," and of course the "Old Rugged Cross."
5) Pasttimes: How far in the past? Ok, well, I love to shop, does that count? And as a kid, camping was fun, so of course when we all load up and go now, it's just as fun as ever!
2 Bonus Questions:
You wish others were: less judgmental....that's God's job, let's leave it to him. Because I have a feeling we've all got a few things we could be on trial for....
You want to be: able to not take things so personal...which I have to admit I am working on right now and doing a lot better at. It's just not worth sitting around worrying about what others think about you...who cares.

Ok, and if the above wasn't's some more useless stuff.

10 Firsts
1) Best Friend: Well, I would have to say Karla, my step-sister considering we've known each other for about 26 years now.
2) Screen Name: Mom2weston....of course it's changed but only because both kiddos are here now....good thing we're not having anymore kids, right? :)
3) Pet Named: I think this would be Spanky, a mutt I had as a kid that got hit by a car...that was so, so sad.
4) Thing You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up: I'm a grown up now? :) Ha! Just kidding, I wanted to be a corporate lawyer (ok, ok, the VERY first thing was to work at K-Mart, but I was young and naive then....)
5) Crush: Well, I guess we could give this one to my first boyfriend in 2nd grade...Bernice Wagner.
6) CD: Ok, I am old enough to have had cassettes, so it would not be fair, to say my first cassette....and drum roll, please.....Boy George (at age 5)....
7) Job: Well, first true job that Uncle Sam gave a rip about would've been waitressing at Western Sizzlin.
8) School: G-H-S, G-H-S...yep, one and only one.
9) House Location...Ok, assuming on this one it is asking where I first lived, so that would again be the big G.

1) Last Time You Laughed So Hard You Cried: Of course, my kids will be involved with this one. Guess now is the time to tell the latest story. The other night Weston was walking around asking us to, "Pull His Finger." (Not sure where this originated, but I know this one is NOT my fault.) Anyway, he gets to Kylie and when she pulls, nothing comes out. So, in her Kylie-way, she says, "Bubbie, you are all out of toots!" I died right then and there.
2) Last Food You Ate: That would be cheese and crackers...not a lot of go-get'um energy today.
3) Last Car Ride: That would be coming home from Tuesday night dinner last night....
4) Last Movie You Watched: War of the Worlds and right before it, Red Eye.
5) Last Phone Call: Kyle, of course...checking up on me. Oh, and I had to tell him that The Bangles were on the episode of Gilmore Girls I was watching....that was AWESOME! I LOVE the Bangles!
6) Last CD You Listened To: That would be Brad Paisley's "Time Well Wasted" on the way home from work favorite songs: "Raining You," "Time Well Wasted," "When I Get Where I'm Going," and of course "Cornography".....
7) Last Person that IM'd You: Carrie, you get the trophy here.
8) Last Song You Listened To: I think it was Sara Evan's "Supernatural"

8 Have You Ever's
1) Wanted to hit someone cuz U R mad: Well, of course...many times. However, violence is not the answer.
2) Had a random person wink at you: Yes, but I think there was something in his eye???
3) Wished Upon a Shooting Star and for what: Yes, I have wished on a few, however for what I can't remember, but of course at the time it seemed to be extremely important.
4) Been on TV: Yes, it started at the young age of 5 when I was on the Santa Show, and since then I think I have had a few spots with the whole pageant biz....
5) Given someone a random compliment: Yes, because I have seen some CUTE outfits out there!
6) Regretted a decision you made and what: Well, now what a question we have here. Like I was explaining to a friend awhile back, you don't regret decisions, you merely learn from them and attempt to move forward. Because I am sure there is always something you can take from the experience. Good or bad, that's up to you....I like to remember the good.
7) Yelled at yourself in the mirror: Yes, I think so...she was not looking or acting very good that day I believe.
8) Been on a date and with who: Ok, not a fair question here...had many of dates, married now. So how about we talk about the most recent. I went on a triple date last weekend with Mike & Andria, and Kelly & Phillip and we had a blast....
9) Been out of the country: Yep, Tijuana, Cancun, and Cozumel....Mexican junkie I suppose.
Wait a minute...that's 9, not 8....Ok Shannan, your Q & A's are faulty. :)

6 Things You've Done Today (and they are getting faultier as we go!)

Well, not the most productive day to list my accomplishments.....
1) Brushed my hair
2) Lounged on the couch with a heating pad
3) Watched a few epsiodes of Gilmore Girls
4) Ate cheese and crackers and drank a DMD
5) Blogged this stuff you are reading
6) Talked to Kyle on the phone
Wow! Busy day....beat that.

5 Favorite Things
1) My kiddos
2) My husband
3) Reading
4) Blogging
5) Taking pictures

4 Choices
1) Vanilla or chocolate: Both in a twist
2) Hugs or Kisses: Both again (Ithink I am not good at making choices)
3) Pens or pencils: pens, especially gel ones
4) CHAI or CHAI: What the heck is CHAI?

3 Things You Want to Do Before You Die:
1) See Spain
2) See my kids marry
3) Have a flat stomach

2 Funny Things:
1) Kylie
2) Weston

1 Person You Want to See:
I agree with Shannan, Jesus.

Well, there you have it....all you could ever want to know about me (or could care less to know....hey, then why are you still reading?)

Til tomorrow...

Friday, January 20, 2006

I bet you never thought you would see this, huh? Me neither! I came home from class to a husband sans the mustache and about shock. In the 11 years we have been together, he has always at least had a mustache.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Well, it's that lag time for me between work and class, so I thought I would write a bit in my blog to kill a little bit of the time. I just finished reading the assignment from our "5 Dysfunctions of a Team" for class tonight and found the book so easy to read. It is written as a fable, so it reads quickly and easily. I totally enjoyed it! It is written by Patrick Lencioni who has evidently written a couple of other "Leadership Fables."
We chose our volunteer project for class. We are going to support Habitat for Humanity, but in what endeavor I am not sure. I know they are desperately in need of building awareness, so hopefully we can help out. At least, RoboCop didn't win the project choice! :)
I got a kick out of Kylie the other day....I don't know if I should tell this story. As a parent, it makes me wonder about my parenting skills, but I think there is a time when no matter what you do as a parent, your kid is still going to surprise you. Anyway, we were at my Mom's house last week and the kids were in the bathtub (it's amazing the amenities that you miss when you don't have them....the kids love the tub!) while I helped Mom clean up the kitchen. So, I go in the bathroom to wash Kylie's hair before getting her out of the tub. Well, as I was doing the Amber-inspired head scrub with the shampoo, I accidentally tugged on a piece of hair and Kylie yells, "Ow Mom, you are being a b*tch..." I couldn't decide if laughing or getting angry was the best method of dealing with the comment (and then I decided neither was acceptable...). Anyone that knows my daughter will agree that if I make a big deal out of what she said, she will continue to do it....times 10. So, I just muttered some comment under my breath about not saying that anymore and then let it go. But I was cracking up inside! I can't believe she picked that up (where I have NO idea...Ok, maybe a little idea) and actually used it in context. She is such a spirited child. I just she holds on to that. She is my kid that wants to act crazy and "dance like no one is watching." And I say the dance comment in literal form....her favorite song right now is "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk." She will bust some moves that I don't think I could ever do in my life! But what's fun is getting up and dancing with her. To me, those are things you should do with your, act crazy, and be happy! Weston is a lot less impulsive, but that is to be admired as well. He really puts a lot of thought into things and genuinely wants to be the best at it. Isn't it great that we aren't alike? They are so many great aspects about people that if we were all the same, we wouldn't get to admire. And what's amazing is how when we do have similar qualities, we still don't always use them the same.
Well, I guess I better finish my other reading assignment for, here's to life and living it with no regrets!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is my and Kyle's 8th anniversary! Time sure does fly by! And let me say it is just a thrill to spend your anniversary by yourself...hurry up and get home, Kyle!
I finally figured out how to post a few photos to my blog, although I was wanting to post them down the side and across the top so that they would stay up there, however it seems as if they are just normal posts. Oh well, I am still in the learning phase on this whole blogging thing. Class is going great so far (of course I can say that, I have only been to 1 class and isn't the first day of class always fun??). We are still mulling over our community service project. I am so cracking up at this one guy in our group though. He keeps pushing this whole project that he is already involved with at work because he is so incredibly busy and just doesn't know when he'll find the time to be able to handle other stuff.....HELLO! You are talking to the QUEEN of busy and even I have time for the project (of course, grades are always a good motivator). Anyway, I don't WANT to do his idea, I want to collectively come up with a project as a group. I guess I feel that we are appeasing him by going with his previous plans and I don't feel that's the way teamwork works (hence the name of the course "Building Teams." Hopefully he will be outnumbered and we can do something a little more productive. We have a broad range of students in this class. There are a couple of nurses, a cop (Mr. Do My Project), 2 Baldor employees, and 2 bank people. I am not used to the "business" classes yet. I miss my MFT (Marriage and Family Therapy) courses that were so much more relative. BUT, a girl has to do what a girl has to do for her job. Plus, having some sort of Master's in a Business field won't necessarily kill me.
The kids and I have taken up watching Gilmore Girls since Kyle has been out of town. They absolutely love it. I have to admit our initial motivator for watching the show was so delicately sparked by my Mom's absolutely lovable (yes, I am sticking my finger down my throat and gagging profusely as I type the word "lovable") horses. You see, it seems that my satellite dish is the PERFECT height for midget horses to use as a scratching post. But, when it comes time to watch TV, for some reason the satellite doesn't want to function properly....HHHMMM wonder why? My resourceful husband desperately tried his hand at fixing it because I absolutely refused to pay the $100 service call since none of my sweet pets caused the catastrophe. But after 1 1/2 weeks of attempting to fix it (and watching Pakistan TV for 2 nights in a row), I finally broke down and agreed to have a Tech come do their magic. But this wasn't until I haggled the poor girl on the phone for the appointment. Haggling saved me $50 though since the girl agreed to a $49 service call, so it was well worth it. Now, I just need to figure out a way to keep those stupid (oops, did I say stupid?) horses away from my house!
Well, that's an evening for me. Poor Weston has already crashed on the couch. Busy day tomorrow as usual....

Kylie-bug and her many expressions!

Here is Weston on his four-wheeler!

Here are a few pictures of the family!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Day 7/40

Well, it is Day 7 of the 40 days of community and I am thoroughly enjoying the lessons! It is such a breath of fresh air to remember that love is something we SHOULD do, not WANT to do!
Today in Sunday School we talked about loving people that are sometimes hard to love. Sometimes that is people that have hurt you, sometimes it is people that are just hard to love for whatever reason. But regardless, loving them is something we are commanded to do. I think this is the first study that has impacted me so much. Maybe it is due to timing, maybe it is just a powerful subject, but for whatever reason it is impacting me in a great way!
Kyle is back to class this evening, but at least this week will be short!
Speaking of short, that definitely describes this weekend. Between Kyle and I both working, I feel as if I didn't even have a weekend. Hopefully this week goes by quickly and runs smooth!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hump Day....

No, not what you's Wednesday. It's ONLY Wednesday! I am so worn out already that it will take me a month to recover from this week. Class begins tomorrow night and I finally finished my final draft of my first paper. Kudos to Jamie for her proof-reading! I didn't realize how stressed/tired/exhausted I was when I wrote it.
As predicted, being outnumbered is getting the best of me...the kids are doing their best to wear me down (bad thing is I don't think they have resorted to guerilla warfare yet!) ......
I don't feel very entertaining this evening and I can't honestly think of anything intriguing to write about although I know I have something, so this blog isn't going to be the greatest.
We started back to 1st Baptist last Sunday and really enjoyed the SS Class. We are doing the 40 Days of Community workbook and it's really interesting. It has challenged my thoughts on love--specifically that love is a choice, yet a command. Love is NOT lust. I have tried to apply the readings to various relationship in my life so far and realize where I have misunderstood the definition of Love. Anyway, it was great to be back in church!
Well, my bed is calling (actually screaming) my name....

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Kyle's Departure

Well, Kyle leaves for the much-dreaded training this evening (that is, much dreaded on my side!). This means, unfortunately, I am outnumbered! It seems the kids always pick up on this factor when one of us is gone and seem to know they are the ones with the numbers. We are going to attempt to plan ahead by laying out clothes, packing backpacks and getting to bed early. I am sure my best efforts will be met with resistance. Oh well, it is only a short term absence, so hopefully I will have some small part of my sanity left when it is over!
We went to church this morning at our old church after a nearly 2 year drought from being there. We had been visiting my Mom's church, however I have never felt acceptance in the areas I need (small devotional group, social club, etc).
We really enjoyed this morning, well everyone except Weston that is. It seems the bump in his routine was a little more than he could handle (I am sure that combining that with Daddy leaving certainly didn't help). He went to "big" church and our couples' Sunday School class with us which was disruptive for Kyle and I as we were constantly playing entertainers and disciplinarians!
Oh well, his punishment was to not go and visit his grandparents' which made a big impression on him! Hopefully, next week will be better. We really enjoyed ourselves because the class is made up of a lot of different people than the last time around. I felt like there was an opportunity for new friends and acquaintances which is definitely a welcomed change right now!
There were several couples in there we had never even met which felt like new beginnings and exciting times to look forward to.
I saw a quote the other day at work that intrigued me.... "May all of your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions." Considering my New Year's resolution (well 1 of them) was to get back to working out and I have YET to make it to the gym (in my defense, I put forth an honest effort, however several mishaps last week prevented me from being able to work out!). That siad, my troubles should be non-existent! :)
Too bad all quotes don't ring true, huh?
I have started the Gilmore Girls series and I guess I will go for now to get a few episodes in before my husband abandons me for a week...leaving me to fend for myself against two very hungry little wolves! :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Ok, I found this on another blog and once again felt the overwhelming urge to answer the questions! Here goes.....

1)Seven Things I Hope to See or Do Before I Die:
a) Go to Hawaii
b) Go to Spain
c) My new house built
d) Masters degree
e) Earn 6 figures (when 6 figures is still a good chunk of money)
f) Retire early and have a few years work free
g) My children get married to great people

2)Seven Things I Cannot Do:
a) Sing
b) Change a flat tire
c) Trigonometry
d) Please my Mom
e) Get Kylie to quit picking her nose
f) Sew
g) Find enough time in the day to do everything I want to do

3) Seven Things That Attract Me To My Husband:
a) His "manly" side (he can fix stuff)
b) His hands
c) His love and devotion to me
d) His constant attention to me
e) His ability to let things go (although he needs to get worked up a little sometimes)
f) The way he cares for the kids (I think I have a wife)
g) He rides a motorcycle...that's hot.

4)Seven Things I Say Most Often:
a) If that's the way they want to be, then so be it.
b) Kylie/Weston, we have got to go, I am late.
c) It's BEDTIME guys!
d) They are pumps, not mules, not sandals, pumps.
e) I feel like crap today
f) If only.....
g) You have done nothing but fight since we walked in the door!

5) 7 Books or Series’ That I Love
a) Karen Kingsbury's Baxter Family Series (that's at least 6 right there)

6)Seven Movies I would Watch Over and Over Again If I Had The Time:
a) Sweet Home Alabama
b) Adventures in Babysitting
c) Napoleon Dynamite... "You gonna eat your tots?"
d) How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days
e) Knight's Tale...Heath Ledger is so cute!
f) Pearl Harbor
g) Where the Heart Is

7)Seven People I Want to Join In And Do This
Considering there is not 7 people that read my blog, I guess I will just give some random names....
a) Kyle
b) Shannan
c) Carrie
Ok, I can't think of 7 people......

What's up with getting a mosquito bite in January? I have not 1, but 4 bites today! This is just plain ridiculous...I mean, where is winter?
Til Tomorrow.....

Monday, January 02, 2006

I'm A Goofy Goober Yeah!

Ok, sorry for the title...Weston is singing a new melody so graciously taught to him by Sponge Bob and it got stuck in my head.
Tomorrow is Weston's first day back to school since the Christmas Holiday and he is so excited! I remember the days when I looked forward to going to school.
We were discussing New Year's resolutions at work today trying to pinpoint the one that we would focus on. We were also discussing how it takes 21-28 days to develop a habit and that if we could just hang in there until February, then maybe we would be able to win the battle of the Re-resolution (by this I mean reusing the same one for the last 5 years because you can't make it past the first week).
I thought it would be fun to document the "Signs Of Our Times." Ok, it will have to be the very here and now, but it would at least be fun to look back in December 2006 on what was hot during the first of this year.
So, right now in the news....They still haven't made an arrest in Nona's murder. Also, the weather is EXTREMELY dry here while California is having mudslides.
On a personal level, I am starting class next Thursday while Kyle is in training. Also, it will be our 8 year anniversary this month! (Yes, for all of you curious readers, we will celebrate the 17th as the 2nd wedding date was purely arbitrary since the hurricane ruined the beach wedding). As for the kids....Kylie is a dancing fool shaking that booty whenever any music starts. Weston is loving school right now and starting to read.
On a work level, we are still searching for the 4th Biz Dev person....I wonder who it will be?
We are also gearing up for a big year for business and hope to really put our name out there-you know we are going mainstream!
Well, class starts next Thursday like I said previously. I have completed my Strengths Finder quiz in the book we are reading. It is called Now, Discover Your Strengths. So far, I love the book. My top 5 strengths were 1) Activator 2) Communication 3) Restorer 4) Strategic 5) Competition.
I peeked to the end of the book where it talks about how to manage people based on their various strenths. As I read the suggestions, I tried to apply them to me and how I would receive the management suggestions. I thought they were very practical and would love to have my strengths appreciated in the methods described. They also shunned concentrating on weaknesses and even viewed this as "damage control." Anyway, some good stuff. I think this class is going to be intriguing.
Well, it's fastly approaching 8 pm, the magical time when all good little children should be safely tucked into bed.
Sweet Dreams.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Ringin' In The New Year

December 31st should be the party night of the year....well, at least that was my initial intention! Until, that is Kylie decided to get sick. So, change of plans. Instead of hanging out with friends, we had a family night in! I have to admit, we had a great time just the 4 of us. We played games and hung out even though Kylie was under the weather. She started running a 102 degree temperature (under the arm) and so we began the meds. Well, when she woke up this morning she was covered in an awful rash all over her body-torso, arms, legs, face. Her temperature still hadn't broke after 2 doses of ibuprofen, so I did the only thing I could think of-I called my Mom!
Of course, she is worried to death and says she needs to get to the doctor soon. Well, yes my children love to pick the holidays to get deathly ill-that way Mom really pays the big bucks for an ER visit. Of course, my workplace decided to change their benefits and now charge a deductible along with some changes in coverage...GREAT. If I had been the smart Mom, I would have taken Kylie last night! Oh do what you gotta do for your babies!
After the 2 hour wait in the ER waiting area, we finally got to visit with the Triage Nurse and luckily she had a heart...she suggested to the other triage nurse that Kylie be seen quick due to the rattling in her chest.
After we finally finished the chest x-rays, visited with the doctor, and waited some more, we finally received her diagnosis....or should I say MULTIPLE diagnoses.....borderline pneumonia, strep throat, and scarletina (who knows if the last one is spelled right-I didn't even know it existed until today!)
I must say after her injection of Rosefin, she seems to be bouncing back nicely. Now to get the next week's worth of antibiotics down her.
Other than that, today was a relaxing day. Weston and Kylie got new 70cc 4-wheelers this past summer and have only ridden them 2 times. Their cousin got one for Christmas, so I saw this as my shot to put the things to good use. Of course, Kylie was out due to illness, however Kyle and Weston loaded them and went to his parents' house where Weston's cousin would be so that they could ride them together. And ride is exactly what Weston did! He rode that thing for about 5 hours! He is very comfortable on it now....when he first received it, he was scared to death. This summer, he would let it idle, but he wasn't much for giving it gas and taking off. His cousin is more of a daredevil, so the challenge of keeping up with him is what Weston needed to get him out of his shell. He had a blast! In fact, he didn't even want to come home at 5 pm this evening. I am so glad to see that he enjoyed it. I know Kylie has guts, so I have no doubts she will pick it right up.
We watched The Perfect Man yesterday afternoon and I heard a quote in it that struck a chord in me.... "Love is friendship on fire." How true! Your significant other should be someone you call your best friend first. If you can't do that, how can you trust them with your heart? When I heard that quote, I thought about myself and a few friends. Trust is such an important piece to any relationship whether it be friendship, significant other, or family members. You can't have a friendship without trust and you shouldn't have a love relationship without it based on friendship. There's my 2 cents...and hey they didn't even cost you!
So, as you ring in the New Year...ask your friendship on fire?