Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is my and Kyle's 8th anniversary! Time sure does fly by! And let me say it is just a thrill to spend your anniversary by yourself...hurry up and get home, Kyle!
I finally figured out how to post a few photos to my blog, although I was wanting to post them down the side and across the top so that they would stay up there, however it seems as if they are just normal posts. Oh well, I am still in the learning phase on this whole blogging thing. Class is going great so far (of course I can say that, I have only been to 1 class and isn't the first day of class always fun??). We are still mulling over our community service project. I am so cracking up at this one guy in our group though. He keeps pushing this whole project that he is already involved with at work because he is so incredibly busy and just doesn't know when he'll find the time to be able to handle other stuff.....HELLO! You are talking to the QUEEN of busy and even I have time for the project (of course, grades are always a good motivator). Anyway, I don't WANT to do his idea, I want to collectively come up with a project as a group. I guess I feel that we are appeasing him by going with his previous plans and I don't feel that's the way teamwork works (hence the name of the course "Building Teams." Hopefully he will be outnumbered and we can do something a little more productive. We have a broad range of students in this class. There are a couple of nurses, a cop (Mr. Do My Project), 2 Baldor employees, and 2 bank people. I am not used to the "business" classes yet. I miss my MFT (Marriage and Family Therapy) courses that were so much more relative. BUT, a girl has to do what a girl has to do for her job. Plus, having some sort of Master's in a Business field won't necessarily kill me.
The kids and I have taken up watching Gilmore Girls since Kyle has been out of town. They absolutely love it. I have to admit our initial motivator for watching the show was so delicately sparked by my Mom's absolutely lovable (yes, I am sticking my finger down my throat and gagging profusely as I type the word "lovable") horses. You see, it seems that my satellite dish is the PERFECT height for midget horses to use as a scratching post. But, when it comes time to watch TV, for some reason the satellite doesn't want to function properly....HHHMMM wonder why? My resourceful husband desperately tried his hand at fixing it because I absolutely refused to pay the $100 service call since none of my sweet pets caused the catastrophe. But after 1 1/2 weeks of attempting to fix it (and watching Pakistan TV for 2 nights in a row), I finally broke down and agreed to have a Tech come do their magic. But this wasn't until I haggled the poor girl on the phone for the appointment. Haggling saved me $50 though since the girl agreed to a $49 service call, so it was well worth it. Now, I just need to figure out a way to keep those stupid (oops, did I say stupid?) horses away from my house!
Well, that's an evening for me. Poor Weston has already crashed on the couch. Busy day tomorrow as usual....


thirty-something said...

I hope it works now.

Faithful said...

Are you saying you hope the marriage works or the blog comment section? :)

thirty-something said...

LOL...the blog.

OMG...what Kylie said!!! I would've fell over if Ashley said that. It would be hard not to laugh--I'd at least have to leave the room. That is too funny. You have quite a character on your hands!