Thursday, January 19, 2006


Well, it's that lag time for me between work and class, so I thought I would write a bit in my blog to kill a little bit of the time. I just finished reading the assignment from our "5 Dysfunctions of a Team" for class tonight and found the book so easy to read. It is written as a fable, so it reads quickly and easily. I totally enjoyed it! It is written by Patrick Lencioni who has evidently written a couple of other "Leadership Fables."
We chose our volunteer project for class. We are going to support Habitat for Humanity, but in what endeavor I am not sure. I know they are desperately in need of building awareness, so hopefully we can help out. At least, RoboCop didn't win the project choice! :)
I got a kick out of Kylie the other day....I don't know if I should tell this story. As a parent, it makes me wonder about my parenting skills, but I think there is a time when no matter what you do as a parent, your kid is still going to surprise you. Anyway, we were at my Mom's house last week and the kids were in the bathtub (it's amazing the amenities that you miss when you don't have them....the kids love the tub!) while I helped Mom clean up the kitchen. So, I go in the bathroom to wash Kylie's hair before getting her out of the tub. Well, as I was doing the Amber-inspired head scrub with the shampoo, I accidentally tugged on a piece of hair and Kylie yells, "Ow Mom, you are being a b*tch..." I couldn't decide if laughing or getting angry was the best method of dealing with the comment (and then I decided neither was acceptable...). Anyone that knows my daughter will agree that if I make a big deal out of what she said, she will continue to do it....times 10. So, I just muttered some comment under my breath about not saying that anymore and then let it go. But I was cracking up inside! I can't believe she picked that up (where I have NO idea...Ok, maybe a little idea) and actually used it in context. She is such a spirited child. I just she holds on to that. She is my kid that wants to act crazy and "dance like no one is watching." And I say the dance comment in literal form....her favorite song right now is "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk." She will bust some moves that I don't think I could ever do in my life! But what's fun is getting up and dancing with her. To me, those are things you should do with your, act crazy, and be happy! Weston is a lot less impulsive, but that is to be admired as well. He really puts a lot of thought into things and genuinely wants to be the best at it. Isn't it great that we aren't alike? They are so many great aspects about people that if we were all the same, we wouldn't get to admire. And what's amazing is how when we do have similar qualities, we still don't always use them the same.
Well, I guess I better finish my other reading assignment for, here's to life and living it with no regrets!

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